the zoe boots


Sam Edelman Zoe Boots

SHOES. Just like most of you guessed, the box contained a pair of shoes. But not any pair of shoes – THE shoes.
I preordered them about 2 months ago and have been waiting like a child since, and yesterday they arrived!
Yep, it’s the Sam Edelman Zoe Boots, finally!

38 thoughts on “the zoe boots

  1. way too many black boots, but whats too many when they are all so epic’ly so amazing

  2. OMG you’ve got them! you’re such a lucky girl! I’m so curious how your shoe collection look like, could you post a photo of all your shoes one day?

  3. These are literally a copy of those famous Balenciaga shoes from a few seasons ago, I personally hate them, but the extra detail on these makes me like them a little bit more.

  4. Whoopsiedaisies.. I didn’t want to comment that post, but okaaayyy… :D Somehow it found it’s way here :D:D

  5. Envy is a word that has just increased to serious levels! These shoes are so insane! Love them to no end, pretty sure you’ll make them work perfectly, as usual!
    Sooooo aaamizing!

  6. These shoes are the best what ever was created (except Balenciaga). I would die for them

  7. hur är skorna i storleken? Jag har länge velat beställa dem, men är osäker på storleken. Vad har du för storlek i svenska skor typ dinsko, och vilken strl har du i dessa boots? Tack!


  8. looks like i’m not the only one obsessing over zoe shoes!
    They’re lovely aren’t they? I couldn’t believe how well they fit and how gorgeous they are in person! :)

  9. So did I! I practically counted down the minutes until they arrived, and blogged about them on the first chance I had … beautiful blog!

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