Zara fall 2013 campaign

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ZARA. And as usual, Zara’s fall campaign has me craving everything from their new collection, more pictures below!

zara fall 2013 campaign 2 zara fall 2013 campaign 3 zara fall 2013 campaign 4 zara fall 2013 campaign 5 zara fall 2013 campaign 6 zara fall 2013 campaign 7 zara fall 2013 campaign 8 zara fall 2013 campaign 9

71 thoughts on “Zara fall 2013 campaign

  1. I saw it today (lol I check out if Zara has new things in stock everyday!) and totally loved it! The video was pretty cool too. I especially love the structured jackets and that plaid coat!

  2. I really don´t like the fall collection. They have some cute things in store now, but this is really a bit to business like.

    Have a great day :)

  3. Absolutely share your opinion, such a great collection! I love Zara and always get some basic pieces and stylish clothes which are then worn like a school uniform there!;) Glad to see lots of greys.

  4. Love the tartan, the models move so well!

  5. It is indeed a good campaign. The most interesting part is how many looks from the Saint Laurent FW 13/14 collection recycled. “It’s a bad Topshop. It’s Zara gone punk,” critics said of Hedi’s SLP Fall collection. And boy they did it. Zara did it. In a less expensive, much better ad campaign than the actual Saint Laurent. Zara did it better.

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