You put a smile on my face honey

YESTERDAY. Kände mig lite nere igår, men pojkvännen vet hur man piggar upp mig. Massor av kramar, lite nya undies och Vogue Paris kirrade leendet på mina läppare igen.
Hur vacker är inte Vanessa Paradis på omslaget?!

Translation. I was feeling down yesterday, but my boyfriend sure knows how to cheer me up. Lot’s of hugs, new lingerie and the latest issue of Vogue Paris did the trick. And btw, how gorgeous is Vanessa Paradis on the cover?!

27 thoughts on “You put a smile on my face honey

  1. Oh I wish my boyfriend bought me such a great gift.

    PS. I really liked your previous post with answers. It was a great pleasure to read it.

  2. really great site, and you are wonderful!
    I just found this beautiful dress that Roisin Murphy is dressed in, designed by an Romanian designer –
    I also liked the jumpsuit that the designer is wearing, and is cheap too. She is saying that the jumpsuit is made specially for Roisin’s dancers. Sweet!

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