Jacket + t-shirt, Beyond Retro. Necklace, H&M. Jeans,H&M. Shoes, Zara. Bag, Miu Miu.

FRIDAY. Yesterday was such a great day. Hung out in a park for a couple of hours with Emma and Emma and enjoyed the nice weather. Met up with the boyfriend + some friends later on for some drinks at Vapiano.
Summer is close!

55 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. I love how you incorporate your rock vibe to everything you wear. And your hair is immaculate!
    Kisses from Malaysia :)

  2. Oh, I wish I would have bought those Zara ankle boots… I tried them on, but something stopped me from buying them. But you look great in them!

  3. You know you’re amazing? This blazer these glasses would look so grandpa_ish on anyone else but you!
    Haha about the 2 emmas thing. It’s the same for me, I always hang out with 3 Marions! I Feel like i’m the odd one when i’m with them.
    And I have the same ikea candle thing for outside!

  4. Jag måste bara säga det, fast du redan vet det, den där väskan är helt fantastiskt snygg. Och du med såklart:)

  5. this color combination looks so fresh on you! very nice.

    i just made a blogpost about my upcoming trip to new york asking for advice on places to go, things to see! if you’ve been there before i’d love to hear what you have to say!

    thanks lady

  6. Love the necklace and I’m in love with that bag!! Simple and classic.

    I’m so excited for summer to come too :) xoxo

  7. Miu Miu bag- I Love It ! *.*
    Jacket- great color and cut .. I Love It too ^ ^

  8. love the look! and thanks for the elle-lykke li scans, she’s so pretty! You looking good too!

  9. pretty rock’n’roll. yummy look you have. the shirt is awesome.

    sounds like fun. i need to do the picnic day too.

  10. You’ve always got a fantastic look on you! I wonder how big your wardrobe is?

    xoxo love your blog


  11. we have vapiano in hamburg too- maybe I should try it soon!
    you look lovely, hun, that hair is to die for- completely natural blonde you are?


  12. carolina, please come visit my blog! i’m having a giveaway this week and it’s an amazing piece of jewelry that i happen to think you might like! i could be wrong… but i know i love it! it was custom made for my readers, and i’d love you to sign up to win it if you like it!

  13. aaah jag är så glad att du visar fler outfits-bilder! du är fin :)

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