YESTERDAY. So, yesterday was the first day of Stockholm fashion week . I went to a couple of shows and then limped (yes, that’s how painful these shoes are!) home and passed out in my bed. Woke up this morning with a terrible cold (perfect timing as usual) so right now I’m stuck in bed trying to master up enough strenght to go to a couple of shows I really want to see later today. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll make it!

Furthermore I swear that these shoes are cursed because _everytime_ I wear them it starts to rain, yesterday was no exception. I’m one of the few people who actually love when it rains but preferably not during fashion week! This weekend I’ll do a big post with pictures from my favorite shows so stay tuned.





H&M leather shorts. Zara top & shoes. Jil Sander Bag. Michael Kors watch.

100 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. Damn I wanted to buy that Jil Sander bag also, but it was sold out already… :(

    Love this outfit, one of your best ones (recent outfits). Really good, the colors work very well together. Those shoes are amazing, but too bad if they are cursed… like I said, you should get silvery umbrella to mach those! Would look very cool ;)

    All the best, hope you’ll get well soon! Enjoy the fashion week!!

    xx Teemu

  2. big waahoouu!! this outfit is just stunning; love the minimalism you use in the shorts and top, and this heels are just amazing beauty!! and at the end, this bag is just the best of the trend..

    see you soon,
    xoxo from france

  3. Ha I’m glad you admit defeat to these shoes! They are so painful! Such a shame, but impossible to ignore.

  4. Those shorts are lovely, I thought they were silk at first! (then realised that they were leather haha!) Hope you feel better soon, you look stunning even when you’re having a cold though!


  5. you look absolutely and unmistakenly brilliant!
    i’m oh so drooling over your jil sander bag – it’s just such a beauty!

    xx //

  6. So sorry to hear about the shoes, ’cause they seem pretty comfortable.
    It’s like my mom always says: “If you wanna look pretty, you have to endure some pain too”. :D
    Enjoy the rest of the Fashion Week!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  7. oh no! poor you! but you already look a tiny little bit sick (don’t get me wrong, still amazing, but just a bit weak) on the photos! Get better soon! Drink Hot water with ginger, honey and lemon! That helps, really!


  8. Totally fell in love with this outfit. It is not only sophisticated it also underlines your feminity and is an evidence for your killer sense for style.
    Love it.

  9. I love those heels! I have them in black but didn’t know they existed in silver too :( Are the silver ones from S/S 2011 too? If they’re not I have to get my hands on them. I do admit that I find them rather painful too.. but the stunningness so makes up for that =D

    Love from Belgium, Liesbeth

  10. lovee ths outfit! the shorts are lovely. hope you feet aren’t hurding that much anymore and that you feel better now :)


  11. i have the exact same issue with my pair of gold shoes, it rains EVERY TIME i wear them out! to a point that when i want it to rain i just wear them out hehe ;)

  12. The shorts are so pretty!!

    I think the shoes are so pretty too but somehow most pretty shoes hurt….

    Hope you feel better soon.


  13. Those shoes may be painful but I see why you endure them, they are beautiful! I love the first photo here, it looks so professional and soft. Really beautiful.

  14. LOVE love love the Jil Sander bag! It makes everything look so much more fun!

  15. wow you look perfect even when you’re sick… gorgeous outfit, love the shorts!
    *crossing my fingers that you’ll feel better*

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