CURLS. Had to snap some outfit pictures with my crazy disco hair from yesterdays shoot ;) It took almost 2 hours for the hair stylist to fix it (and about a ton of hairspray), and I’m guessing that it will take me just as long to comb it out again.. Totally worth it though! ;)





Bird by Juicy Couture Waistcoat. H&M Sweater. Zara Skirt. Zara Heels. H&M fashion against aids clutch.

131 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Amazing hair!! You look great, I love the oversized clutch bag! :)

  2. You look so good girl! I had curly long hair some years ago (for more than a day though) and startet immediately to wear more romantic outfits, I love the way you team up your hair though!!

  3. You look stunning! I love the street shots I’ve always wanted to do them but I feel super self conscious! It’s silly but I think I’m going to have to over come that and try it because these pics look hott!

  4. this is what my hair looks like when i don’t straighten it! not a word of a lie. but less perfect curls. SO MASSIVE lol! how on earth did the stylist manage to inject that much volume into your hair?! you must have hair that really takes to teasing and volume which is amazing! it’s what i love about being able to straighten my curly hair: so naturally voluminous that when it’s straight there are so many styling options! love the volume on you!

  5. Love the hair!You look great!
    My head would look huge with this hair style, but on you it looks great!
    Nice dress and great legs:PThey are toned.

  6. Carolina, I’m loving the disco hair! it looks great on you but what wouldn’t?
    Miss you so much beautiful! xo

  7. You look amazing!
    Love your natural hair, but this just looks real fun :)
    The outfit is great as well .. A real head turner you are!


  8. WOW! u look great with minimal makeup and OMG can u tell me pleeeaaaase how u got ur hair that way?!it looks fantastic!

  9. Woow, I’m totally in love with it!! :D Feels like you’re gonna burst into song and delight us with ‘Mamma Mia’, or any of the Abba hits… :D

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