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WORK. I recently quit my fulltime job as fashion editor at one of the larger fashion/lifestyle communties because it didn’t take me in the direction I’m aiming for. Since then I’ve been working on a really fun project that I hopefully can tell you
a little more about in a couple of weeks!

However, I still feel like I have to much time on my hands and since I’m a true workaholic, it makes me go nuts! If anyone has suggestions on fun collaborations or job opportunities, feel free to contact me at!

39 thoughts on “work it

  1. How old are you? :) how did you become a fashion editor?

  2. What exactly are you looking for, a collaboration or a spare time job? I will keep my eyes open :)

    Best regards

  3. wow that’s a really brave move! but glad you’re embarking on something more fun. cant wait to hear about it :)

  4. Wow you’re so daring! But with your killer looks and amazing creativity, you will go far wherever your ideas take you. I’d love to collaborate with you if you’re in Melbourne!

  5. can i have your old job then, cause im sick of the job i have right now ;)

    good luck with finding a new challenge in live!

  6. Beautiful photo full of fun. All the best work wise-I always believe things happen for a reason and I’m sure you will end up on the path you desire! xx

    would love you to call by.

    fashion clocked

  7. You look beautiful here! That was a brave step you took there, however if that’s what you want, then I believe it will pay off :) Lots of luck with the future job!

    Sofia Leo x

  8. So pretty! And too bad you quit because that much be such a underfull job!

    Dimogonda blog

  9. Way to follow your heart! Im a big fan of your blog, any hints on getting even more in the fashion world.

    With Love,

  10. You probably already know this, but fashionista blog always has great opportunities :) Good luck! Your blog is already a success…you’ll have no trouble finding your dream jobby!

  11. it’s not easy making the decision to leave a job that’s not going in the direction you want, but it’s a great one. Congratulations! x

  12. Can’t wait to hear about your new project. Also, ever consider being assistant-stylist or stylist for a fashion magazine? I’m sure you’d be very good at it.

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