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STOCKHOLM. After walking around barelegged in Tokyo for 5 days it was definitely somewhat of a chock to come home to the ice cold winter weather we’re currently being terrorized with in Stockholm. Really surprised it hasn’t started snowing yet because it’s absolutely freezing here!! Hope every one is having an amazing (and hopefully warm) weekend!

ZARA coat. PIERRE CARDIN gold sweater (vintage). ZARA leather skirt. FENDI Anna bag. PENNYBLACK necklace.

99 thoughts on “winter weather

  1. You look amazing!!!
    I havent been in Sweden during a winter for 7 years and Im moving back in a couple of weeks….sooo scared of the cold lol

  2. You look stunning! Your hair is so wavy and pretty, and I know it sounds weird – but your leg is so beautiful!<3 Then you got this awesome sense of style & matching pieces

  3. You look really cold, girl! But stylish and pretty :) It’s cold here, too (northern part of Germany) and I can only cope with the coldness with a thick thick scarf!



  4. Heej! Är kappan från i år? Dvs finns den fortfarande att få tag på? Superfin!

  5. Marie: I don’t know what the model is called but they don’t make this one with the black dial/face any more for some stupid reason :/ I searched for months and found it in a vintage store by pure luck! I know has a lot of really nice michael kors watches similar to mine though, otherwise you can always search for it on ebay! Hope you find it, it’s amazing!! :)

  6. This lipstick looks incredible on you! I’m searching for a shade just like this for winter, it’s gorgeous.
    Chloe x

  7. Here in Paris it’s actually pretty warm like 17 degrees celcius so I can’t complain but I’m sure it must be freezing where you are ! I’m very reluctant to cold weather, my hands turn purple and so do my lips it’s horrible, but at the same time I love wearing chunky knits and cool coats !
    Love your outfit, your skirt is beautiful :)

  8. Here in Barcelona is really warm (around 20º last week), I still haven’t been able to wear any of the winter clothes I bought!

  9. Oh wow you look so lovely! What a perfect vintage sweater! :) I love it so much on you especially with the
    leather skirt and everything! :)

  10. you are too cool. love your style. you and andy are my favorite!

    why dont you sell on the web your pieces that you dont use anymore? it would be great for your followers!

  11. cute sweater !
    oh we are lucky enough to have a nice weekend over here in Paris, but am very sure it won’t stay long !
    But hey, am ready to face anything now … Christmas is down the way ! yay !

  12. If it makes you feel any better, here in Romania is the same, hah. Totally freezing cold.
    Take care!

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