Why I love Saturday mornings:

Woke up late..

put on a knitted Tigresse sweater, a stunning Kelly Wearstler necklace and my favorite perfume..

..went to the local flower shop and bought my favorite flowers

had Pancakes with ginger bread ice cream for breakfast even though I’m supposed to be a grown up woman..

..and wrote a love letter with my feather pen (OK I just made that part up but if I ever would write one, this is definitely the pen I would use)

What have you guys been up to today? ;)

TIGRESSE sweater. KELLY WEARSTLER necklace. MARGIELA ostrich feather bic pen.

116 thoughts on “Why I love Saturday mornings:

  1. Carolina, you’re living in a dream. Too jealous, because I’ve been drowning myself in the final work of the semester. Want to trade places for a week or so?!


  2. Those pancakes look delicious! im just beginning my day. First going to spin class and then spending the afternoon at a giant fabric store to pick out fabric for new curtains!

  3. MMMMM, love those pancakes! They look delicious and gingerbread ice cream sounds very tempting :)
    Love the last photo with the feather pen!

  4. Love this post! And we have the same favourite perfume! :) So lovely and fresh isn’t it!? And those pancakes look delicious!! Btw pancakes are definitely a breakfast food, no matter what your age! ;)

  5. Hi Carolina!
    Can you please tell me what’s the size of your nowhere dress? I would like to order one and I don’t know about the fit.
    Please answer me as soon as you can.
    All my love,

  6. These are the loveliest photos, craving for pancakes now! Gingerbread ice cream sounds incredible!


  7. oh yes, that looks like a perfect saturday morning – even if i couldn’t have icecream for breakfast, I’d prefer a huge cup (or 2) of black tea and a croissant ;-) xxx Anita

  8. LOVE your blog. Not only because of your style, but also because of posts like this one!

    Come and check my blog, I’m sure you will like it too and I would love to get your feedback!


  9. What kind of flowers are they? I love them, but never know what kind they are.
    And gingerbread ice cream sounds delicious :)

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