elin kicken home

Pictures via Västanhem.

WHITE. Stumbled upon these pictures of interior stylist Elin Kickén’s beautiful, bright apartment on pinterest the other day and thought I had to share them with you guys. Love the clean minimalistic feel & the little pops of brass here and there! Check out more of Elin’s work here.

elin kicken - home

elin kicken apartment

elin kicken home

brass glasses

elin kicken wardrobe

scandinavian office by Elin Kicken

elin kicken livingroom

45 thoughts on “white/brass

  1. Lovely! I enjoy how the predominance of white contrasts to the sparse black detailing (like the lamp cord), resulting in a sketch-like effect. It feels like a drawing journal, transformed into life..

    I’d love to have an all-white decor, but I have a feeling that the state of ‘living’ itself, would add entropy and chaos… breaking up the purity of the look. Great to enjoy vicariously, though!

    ~ lauriel


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