Faux fur, Zara. Leather pants, H&M. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Karen Walker sunglasses & Céline bag.

COLD. Picked up this gorgeous white faux fur at Zara before I left for New York thinking it might actually provide some protection against the cold, but I must have been delusional. I’m still shivering like a chihuahua everytime I step outside the door. Come on weather gods, work with me! Right now I’m off for a lunch meeting and after that it’s time for the Rebecca Minkoff show. Not really sure if I will survive the day as I’m braving the cold in an even thinner Zara coat today.. keep your fingers crossed!

99 thoughts on “white/black

  1. well yes.. if the faux fur is part of the equation to take care of NY winter time, there is a lot of faith needed to the equation =) but i’ll keep my fingers crossed…
    Have fun at the show!

  2. wow. your beauty is blinding. you are just perfect
    your look is an example to all the girls in the world

  3. This is the first time that I comment your blog.
    The coat is really gorgeous!!
    Oh! I got a catalogue of MURUA today.
    U R really beautiful!

  4. Loving this look! The jacket is gorgeous! Spring will over here to the east coast in a matter of a few week now (I’m hoping at least!). I hate getting dressed in the winter… I hate being cold so I always overdress in layers and layers… not very glamorous! xx

  5. Oh, I love that jacket!
    I was wondering if it could be true that Facehunter took a pic of you while you were wearing that jacket?
    I saw the picture the other day and it looked familiar haha.
    Love your blog, I come to visit it almost every day <3

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