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WHITE. Most people choose clothes first, accessories second when getting dressed. For me, it’s often the other way around! This amazing metallic pouch inspired me to put on my white “suit” (which is actually a Zara Blazer & a pair of AA pants that kind of look like the were meant for each other) sharp stilettos and killer cat eye sunglasses, simple but chic! And if you need to fix your lipstick during the day, the bag doubles as a mirror ;)








Zara Blazer. American Apparel Pants. Zara Shoes. H&M Tee. Cheap Monday cat eye Sunglasses. H&M fashion against aids silver bag. Hérmes Bracelet.

165 thoughts on “white light

  1. Ok, so figured out that the bracelet is Hermes…:) Keep the great pics coming!

  2. sjukt snyggt som alltid! verkligen alltid lika kul att inspereras av dina underbara outfits!

  3. Wow, you look simply s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g!!! I looove the way you rock that white combination with the amazing bag, the cool cat-eye sunglasses and, as you say, the ‘killer’ stilettos… :D

  4. wHITe is my favourite color!

    What do you think about the video I posted in my blog!?
    Tell me

  5. You look stunning! I love your white “suit” – I wouldnt’ have guessed all of the pieces were from different plaes! Also love your cat eye glasses as well.

  6. I love this bag! It looks really cool, especially with your white outfit. It all fits together beautifully :)

  7. WOW!! Such a beautiful yet simple outfit. It’s effortless and it looks like you just picked them out of your wardrobe an put them on in 10 minutes.

  8. everything looks so amazing on you! I can’t believe those pants are American Apparel~
    All the pieces are affordable too. fantastic styling!!
    These photos are gorgeoussss~~~
    xo Diana

  9. When I saw this outfit post, I said “Wow” out loud! This looks like runway material! You’re really getting so good at styling Carolina!

  10. That is exactly how i wanted to dress by that clutch. total black or white. can’t wait till my clutch arrives.

    it looks great on you this combination!


  11. Lovely outfit!! I just bought the clutch and I’m looking for just the same kind of white suit, but I still haven’t found a perfect fitting one. Is the Zara blazer from this year? :)

  12. LOVE IT!

    ,_ _
    / _ _ | ,–.
    ( @ @ ) / ,-‘
    \ _t_/-._( (
    / `. \
    | _ \ |
    \ \ , / |
    || |-_\__ /

  13. You look absolutely beautiful in whit! love the oversized clutch, especially this one in silver!

    love, selina

  14. Uhhhhh, how shinyyy!!!!!! I love shiny things! Perfect that it works as mirror too!!
    You’re right, the outfit is simple but chic!

    Love from London,

  15. I love it! Love the AA pants. Can you tell us which style that is? I can’t seem to find them.


  16. Anna & Ania: I bought the blazer 1-2 years ago so they don’t have it anymore :/ But I did see a couple of other amazing ones at Zara the other day! :)

  17. Carolina, love all of these pictures and the lighting and ofcourse your outfit and bag!!
    miss u & Mattias so much! <3

  18. Congratulation for this blog. I love the shoes and of corse I love this outfit. Zara always have wonderful accesorises.
    (R’Ella from Romania)

  19. Amazing outfit but why is there nothing in that purse? lol.

  20. i also finally got a hold of that clutch. everytime i tried to order it, it was ”just slod out”. very frustrating, but this morning i got it!!!!

  21. i also finally got a hold of that clutch. everytime i tried to order it, it was ”just slod out”. very frustrating, but this morning i got it!!!!

  22. I love the simplicity of this outfit, it’s the effortlessness of it that is so great. The clutch definitely stands out but your outfit isn’t letting it steal the show!


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