White light

Daria Werbowy Harpers Bazaar US 2014 via fashionsquadDaria Werbowy, Harpers Bazaar US

SPRING FEELINGS. Obsessed with these pictures of Daria from the february issue of Harper’s Bazaar US. The all white looks feel so refreshing after a winter filled with black, black, black (although I definitely wouldn’t mind that oversized, black leather jacket in the second picture, come to mama!). Will definitely be saving these pictures as inspiration for when the weather finally starts heating up!

Daria Werbowy in Harpers bazaar US via fashionsquad

Oh Daria, via fashionsquad.com

all white via fashionsquad.com

daria werbowy by daniel jackson via fashionsquad.com

daria werbowy via fashionsquad.com

daria via fashionsquad

44 thoughts on “White light

  1. Love the super-close-up of her face; she has pores and little crinkles under her eyes and the eye-shadow isn’t perfectly smooth on her eyelids yet, she looks beautiful. See, magazine editors and photoshop artists, images don’t have to look uber-perfect to convey beauty and life. Thank-you!

  2. We are definitely over all the black and looking for inspiration on all things white. We love the look of simple white on white, so clean. This model looks amazing!

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Daria fantaisie
Carmen Kass in head to toe Céline, need I say more?