where have all the flowers gone?





flower jacket, fake leather pants and top, H&M. Shoes, Sam Edelman.

COLORS. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy moving in to the new apartment. Found this gorgeous flower jacket at H&M the other day, love the shape of the shoulders!
If only it could stop snowing outside..

77 thoughts on “where have all the flowers gone?

  1. Recently discovered your blog and i adore it! its filled with all of my favorite things. This is the first picture I’ve seen of you and girl, you are gorgeous!! Keep up the love

  2. I love your outfit! <3 Hope you will show us pictures of your new apartment once you've finished moving in. =)

  3. Absolutely, Tres Chic. I love the pronounced shoulders on the jacket, it gives me Tudor all day. LUST IT! The juxtaposition of the feminine florals against the leather pants create the ultimate balance. So inspirational. I love this blog; I’m now following it. Hope to see you at mine.


    Ernest Bee.

  4. I agree with you! This jacket is gorgeous!! And you look great with flowers even when the winter is attacking so hard. I don´t like snow… I don´t like winter! It´s good to find colour in the outfits of the people!!

  5. Love this ! Gorgeuos outfit, beautiful girl and lovely blog!

    The feminime touch, the lace and flowers, is fantastic combined with the raw leather pants!

    When did you buy the pants? And the price?


  6. This winter is hard to stand, I know something about it ;)
    & I love outfits which are full of colors, so your flower jacket made me warm & sent good sunny energy :)

  7. so good to see a outfit post from you again! love the way you dress and that jacket is absolutely beautiful!

  8. i wanted to tell you (since I dont always comment) that I adore your style and you inspire me. I have added you to my blog roll! Thanks for the amazing stuff you do girlie! xx

  9. jaa äntligen en outfitpost igen. älskar detta speciellt jackan o skorna. sen är du vacker som en sommardag.

  10. Hi !
    I really enjoy your blog.. and your hair ! (yeah, I’m completely jealous of your long blond mane)
    If you could have a look at my blog, it’s not long yet, you won’t waste so many time ;)
    Thanks a lot.


  11. Love the bolero on you. Tried it on @ H&M, but wasn’t quite suited for me. The print came in a wool cardigan, decided to go with that instead. :)

  12. love at the first sight with this blog <3
    love ur outfit especially ur jacket and ur shoes!
    ur pose and photos are completely awesome!!and lucky to have a beautiful face like you :))
    i've linked ur blog and followed u :)


    yudia aiiu


    have a nice day =p`~

  13. hey, were you at weekday on friday evening? omg I think I saw you at the vintage section with a beyond retro plastic bag. if its you, you’re really really really pretty! :) sorry to sound like a stalker

  14. you’re totally right. it should stop snowing outside and the weather should turn into spring weather instead. I’ve been waiting for spring for weeks! really nice floral jacket, the shoulder shape looks really nice

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