west 13th street

carolina engman, new york, phillip lim pashli gold, fashionsquad

pictures by Mattias Swenson

NY. As cozy as Stockholm is with all the snow right now, I still prefer the bare streets of New York any day of the week. Just being able to to go outside without 10 layers of knits makes me euphoric and I’m so not lookin forward to head back to snowmageddon on Sunday. Tomorrow + Saturday I’m doing a super fun photo shoot and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to update the blog as we’re on a really tight schedule, but I’ll be posting lots of sneak peeks on instagram. Follow me @carolinaengman!

carolina engman, phillip lim pashli satchel gold, new york, fashionsquad, outfit

carolina engman, new york, phillip lim pashli in gold

carolina engman, red lips, makeup

carolina engman, phillip lim pashli satchel gold, sigerson morrison boots

sigerson morrison risaly boots

carolina engman, phillip lim pashli satchel, new york, outfit

WAISTCOAT Bird by Juicy Couture. LEATHER JACKET jnby. TOP cos. JEANS J Brand. BAG 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel in gold. BOOTS Sigerson Morrison.

126 thoughts on “west 13th street

  1. You can do no wrong in my book when it comes to fashion! Looking forward to the sneak peeks on instagram.
    Abril from abrilscorner.com

    P.S. I’m doing a giveaway on my blog, and of course you and your lovely readers are invited to participate :)

  2. Oh how I understand you about the weather! we have -40C degrees now, i can’t go outside 0_0 you look great as always

  3. I certainly love the theme of black and yellow gold as it radiate classy fashion. Yellow gold bag indeed is the highlight of the wardrobe because it contrasts with the bold black outfit.

  4. S’il y a une chose qui a chaviré mon coeur!! C’est bien le sac! Tout à fait à mon goût!
    Il y a également les bouttines! J’en suis folle ! Une paire tout à fait classe qui peut parfaitement se marier avec du décontracté!

  5. I love your make-up! I need a post about it!


  6. Ese bolso queda muy bien con ese look negro(que es adorable) y queda muy bien tambien con el color de tu cabellos.Optimo post.

  7. I love this outfit you look so chic but casual at the same time. I have been looking for some boots like that for a long time, I need to be careful about boot length though as even though I am petite I can get attacks of the cankles if I am not careful so I tend to stick to knee boots, I am craving ankle booties right now though!! You look so very elegant in yours.

    I really like your blog, I’m following you on bloglovin and instagram, hope that is ok (I am so English lol it’s like I always feel like I need to be invited or something haha)

    Janine xx


  8. I really really love this outfit! It’s so so cute! I was wondering what type of camera you use and on what settings? I was planning on starting up outfit posts on my own blog so I was just wondering!


  9. Hey!! I use to read ur blog a lot! and this summer i bought a book in urban outfitters about bloggers, so, yesterday i was reading it and.. OMG u’re in!!!! it’s called fashion stylist or so I know u already know for sure but I was so excited about that hahahahahahaa
    By the way so cool ur look in this post :)

  10. What an incredbile bag, it totally MAKES your outfit, loves! I am feeling you re: the cold, it has been as low as 0 degrees here in the UK but now that it’s gone back up to around 9 degrees, feels like heaven! X

  11. this is Wow-mazing,all of it-you’ve got great aesthetics!This blog is quite cool too,he is a new blogger I think,help spread the word

  12. Hello!
    Love the bag! Is there any chance to get it or it’s too late?

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