37 thoughts on “Werelse

  1. Cool photo!!! Love your blogs a lot!!!

    Please, visit my new blog, I’m a shoe designer (22 years old), I was working in Zara during 2 years and now I’m doing new projects, for this, I was creat my blog.

    Please give me your opinion and sugestions!


    Thank youuuu! ;-)

  2. LOL!!! you three posted about Werelse at the SAME time!!!!!
    of course i knew that you guys did it on purpose:P

  3. I was so curius to see what is this project about…Let’s see..

    please follow my blog: myonlyflove.blogspot.com

    i would apreciate it…

  4. I tried to sign up for the newsletter but it told me seven times that the confirmation code was wrong :/ I guess I’ll just have to keep checking back to the website!


  5. I had a feeling it would be something like this, I thought since the launch of nowmanifest that it could be something similar. Gosh, that pic looks awesome!! V.eager to see what comes next. Congrats!You guys definitely deserve this XO

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