Werelse for Mango – the movie

Werelse for Mango Touch

WERELSE. Woop woop! The short film we did together with spanish actress Rossy de Palma for our collaboration with Mango is finally out and I’m stoked to share the result with you!

We spent an entire day shooting this video in a super cold garage in Barcelona and had a blast with the amazing production team. As always things took a little longer than expected and me & Andy ended up having to run to the airport in our suits, definitely got some weird looks while walking through security ;)

Huge thank you to the amazing Mango team and to Rossy de Palma for such a fun experience!

P.S. Since a lot of you have asked about it, the collection will be available on 12 April at 20 MANGO and MANGO TOUCH stores in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Turkey, as well as on the MANGO website www.mango.com (delivery to European countries only) and on www.werelse.com (international delivery). Can’t wait!


108 thoughts on “Werelse for Mango – the movie

  1. When Andi turns around in this video- it gets you everytime! I had to replay that part three times! amazing video!!!

  2. Your face was the most adequated one! Such a natural expression – nothing I haven’t noticed before, of course!

  3. ohmygosh! loving the items! especially the silver bag! <3

    awesome team! :)

  4. This video shoot is AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the items in the stores very soon :)

  5. wow congrats carolina, this is awesome. i´m sure this is going to consolidate werelse in the fashion world
    (i know this is a bit late but i hadn´t seen the video until now)

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