FINALLY, it’s time to tell you guys a little bit more about Werelse! As those of you who subscribed to the newsletter already now, Werelse is a concept brand created by Andy, Chiara and myself.

The inspiration behind our first mini collection comes from the amazing time the three of us had while traveling together in italy this summer, discovering breathtakingly beautiful beaches and enjoying endless summer nights filled with laughter and fun. One thing led to another and before we knew it, 4 smooshy t-shirts with that perfect vintage feel was born!

This first collection is the result of a collaboration between Werelse and our friends over at ‘Happiness is a $10 tee‘. It’s been so much fun to see it grow from an idea to actual products and I hope you guys like it as much as we do. All of the t-shirts will be available on werelse.com soon so stay tuned for the official launch!

57 thoughts on “Werelse

  1. Grattis :) Alla var jätte fina! Jag vill ha dem med väskan och den där ni ligger under täcket! När kan man köpa dem?

  2. I don’t like them. They look like my boyfriend’s old T-shirts :/ They should be more womanlike.

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