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Pictures by me & via What Goes Around Comes Around

VINTAGE. As promised, some pics from our little adventure at the What Goes Around Comes Around warehouse. Really really wanted to get the mad bolero jacket thing in the first picture but it was waaaaaaaaaaay over my budget. Or how about those insane Vivienne Westwood platforms?! Yes please! (But unfortunately, not my size, nor in my budget).

Instead, I ended up with these awesome Pucci sunnies from the 70’s that I’m completely obsessed with. Sadly enough it has been raining since I got them but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will show up tomorrow!

84 thoughts on “welcome to heaven

  1. Carolina:

    I live in a loft in Tribeca; if you’re desperate I have a free day bed and couch for a few days. I’m a producer and architect in the city; thought I’d offer.


  2. Ooh… I would almost sell everything I own for that bolero, it’s crazy beautiful!! But those shades are awesome as well, I have been looking for something similar and got a pair but not nearly as fancy as those Pucci ones!

  3. so cool. did I ever mention that I looove your hat? where did you get it from?..

    I also love vintage!! seems you had a lot of fun!

  4. love, you’re getting more beautiful everyday!
    looks like you’re having a great time – minus the over-the-budget-issue but I guess that’s a major part in life when you fall in love easily.

  5. where is this warehouse? IN the USA? Because I´m planning a trip to the USA and I would love to visit this amazing warehouse !

  6. Hej Carolina! Tänkte höra om du har någon koll på om det finns en svensk hemsida som säljer J. Campbell? Är så megasugen! Hade varit en lyx att slippa extra frakt! :)


  7. Ohhh!! The pics are so beutiful!!!!! I love the warm colours on them!!!
    Both jackets are georgeus!!!
    I’d love to be on that vintage store also…. I would really freak out!!

  8. That bolero is just amazing, and I can just see it in your closet!! and I love the feeling of those photos, so vintage-i

  9. Love the colors in the pic of you that you took with the i-phone. I must know: Which app did you use? I think it looks so great!!

  10. That shop is awesome I remember going there. Beacon’s Closet in WIlliamsburg is really cool too – love the hat x

  11. Your style has improver aLOT. It seems like now, rather than before you are willing to take risks in fashion and try everything new and “crazy vintagy”. You make the cheapest garment from H&M look like an old vtg dress, both because of your amazing pics and just the way you wear them. I wrote earlier on that I though you were far to safe and predictable, but not anymore you’re not. Love the transformation of this blog, one of my favorites, once again. You make me want to go out and search every vtgstore for new treasures

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