Welcome back!

A NEW ERA. It’s been a lot of fun blogging for A Perfect Guide but there’s no place like home!

So.. Now Fashion Squad is back to where it all started! :)

Hope all of you awesome readers will continue to follow the blog here at fashionsquad.com. Things might get a little messy during the move but hopefully everything will work in a day or two.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. don’t worry about your bloglovin subscriptions, I’ve talked to the guys at bloglovin and they will transfer them for you. (And for those of you who arrent’t using bloglovin already, what are you waiting for?! :) )

13 thoughts on “Welcome back!

  1. done it! I love your blog and linked it amoung my favorite! hope to see you sometime also on my blog too! :-))

  2. JAAAAA!!! :D :D
    Welcome BACK!!
    Oh gosh i love your blog, it was kinda sad that u went to a perfect guide but it was awesome then too!

  3. Welcome Back! So glad your back :D to the old URL I’ve missed your old posts which disappeared when you moved :)

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