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carolina engman, zara blouse, j brand jeans, windowPictures Mattias Swenson

GRAND. Me and Mattias spent the weekend at the lovely Scandic Grand Central and I seriously can’t remember the last time I felt this rested. In the beginning of April we will be moving into our new apartment and as we’ve already moved out of our old one, we’ve been living with my parents for a while. Eventhough it’s great to get to spend some time with the family, it kind of drives you slightly crazy after a while, and to get 3 days alone in a beautiful, quiet room was a dream come true. The fact that my BFF Andy who’s been in town for a couple of days stayed at the hotel during the same time only made things even better.

A couple of days ago I finally took the plunge and bought the camera of my dreams and even though it left a gigantic hole in my savings, it’s the best darn investment I’ve ever made. Since I’m ridiculously excited about my new toy, I obsessively snapped everything that came in my way over the weekend. Hence, this rather random photo diary!

carolina engman, sleeping beauty

carolina engman, makeup, beauty, byredo, nars, dior nude,face products


carolina engman, zara blouse, scandic grand central

tom dixon lamp

mattias swenson

such a perfect daycarolina engman, celine audrey sunglasses, dagmar sweaterceline audrey sunglasses, cover magazine, stack rings, lipgloss

121 thoughts on “weekend photo diary

  1. Oksana R, Vanessa; I got the Canon 5D mark III! Been dreaming about it for such a long time! :)

  2. judging from the pictures the camera was definitely worth the investment, love how they came out!

  3. I always loved your pictures and I would have never believed that they could be even more
    beautiful but these one above are really beautiful!!!! <3
    Can you tell me which camera and what lens you´ve bought?
    Lots of love, Vanessa


  4. Vanessa: I bought the Canon 5d mark III and I use a 50mm lens! :)

  5. Kaelyn Hrabak: I bought the Canon 5d mark III and I’m in love with it!

  6. You can tell the camera must be amazing because of the wonderful quality of the pictures. What camera did you get?

  7. i am always in love with the way you take your photos! favorite is this batch is the one of you on the laptop.


  8. Wow, you look so sweet and lovely and beautiful with no make up on! :-)great pictures

  9. I really love your blog. I just started mine at the beginning of this month so I’m always looking for inspiration and I think I’ve come to the right place. I adore those sunglasses! :)

  10. Stunning photos. You look so beautiful. I hope you´re going to spill the beans about what camera you got. Is it the canon 5d mark?



  11. Congrats on your new toy, it seems that it’s a good one. And that you know how to use it too, because the pics are great.:) As for living with your parents which gets annoying – tell me about it.:D Have a fun day, babe.;)

  12. Uh I know how it feels to get a new camera and then feel like a freak because you’d like to take a picture of EVERYTHING! haha, the camera was really a good investment, the pictures look amazing and I love this randomness a bit :) xo

    Much love,


  13. I love how simple yet beautiful these photographs are. I’m glad that you enjoyed your time at Scandic Grand Central!

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