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Vogue Girl Korea cover, contributors page + article scanned by me

SHOES. I’m super excited and honored to be featured in the September issue of Vogue Girl Korea in the article “Why I love my..” alongside four other awesome bloggers.
And since most of you probably don’t understand a word of the article, here are the 10 reasons why I love my studded boots:

10 reasons why I love my studded boots..

  1. Because they look amazing!
  2. Because they can spice up the most simple outfit!
  3. Because they have lot’s of studs and buckles (two of my favorite details!)
  4. Because you can wear them for a day around town or at night when you’re going out clubbing. I love pieces that are versatile.
  5. Because they look like a piece of art when they’re standing in my shelf.
  6. They are super comfortable!
  7. I love them because of the ‘cowboy’ sound they make when you walk in them. Click Clack Ching Ching.
  8. They work both during summer and winter (with a pair of warm socks).
  9. They where waaay cheaper than the original ones from Chloè ;)
  10. Because it was love at first sight!!

Big thanks to Hyemin Lee of Vogue Girl Korea for featuring me! :)

29 thoughts on “Vogue Girl Korea feature

  1. jag köpte ett par såna men lämnade tillbaka dom då dom såg förjävligt billiga ut! fejkguldiga och plastiga typ…plus att när expediten sa: “du har tur som haffat ett par då elin kling har bloggat om dom” ville jag slå henne på käften och sen lägga en pizza på henne! usch vad vissa modebloggare ställt till med!

  2. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR STUDDED BOOTS???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please let me know so i can complete my life (wardrobe) xoxooxo

  3. this is such a cool feature; i love all of the pictures of you and your amazing boots, especially the one of you sleeping on them, lol. so cute! congrats!


  5. Could you tell me how you subscribed to Vogue girl Korea?? I’ve been trying for months, but can’t figure it out

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