Featured in Vogue Brazil!



VOGUE BRAZIL. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that one day I’d be doing a photoshoot for Vogue. So, you can imagine how shocked/thrilled I was when Vogue Brazil contacted me to do a 4 page interview + editorial for their October issue!! Don’t really know what to say except for a huge thank you to Vogue Brazil and the amazing, super professional team that I had the pleasure of working with during the shoot! Below are a bunch of behind the scenes pictures my boyfriend snapped during the shoot!











140 thoughts on “Featured in Vogue Brazil!

  1. this post is a proof that dreams can come true, even if you do what you love and don’t do what everyone else does or is expected to do.

  2. You’re one of my favourites. Well I only have two so whatever. Haha anyway. Erm, I really wanted to know how you started. If Vogue Br asked you about that, too bad I can’t understand brazilian…anyway…if you get a chance to tell me how you started, pls do. i want to be inspired. l0l c;

  3. Caroline,

    Amei as fotos!

    Comprarei logo a Vogue Brasil para conferir.
    Te sigo sempre, passa lá no meu blog para me fazer uma visita.
    Um beijo grande

    Mônica Bitti

  4. WHATTT THE ???? how lucky you are babe.. but i think everyone know that u deserve it! no, u deserve more than that! you are born as daughter of fashion i guess :) love yaa

  5. Perfect! Love the outfits and you look gorgeous!!!!
    Congrats :)


  6. That orange suit is incredible you look amazing. You must be so proud of your photos, the fish bag is very unique.

  7. I’m brazilian and bought this magazine! I was reading and i was like “omg its carolina from fashion squad!” hahaha. You deserve it!

  8. wow!!! you look gorgeous as every you lucky lucky girl! very exciting news for you, i wonder where you’ll show up next ;)

  9. Your are faboulous! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re perfect for vogue, and i love this hair style!!!

  10. Hi, congrats and well done! I love your blog and your style, you inspire me a lot!

  11. Congratulations! I just discovered your web site through this magazine. You look gorgeous!

  12. Hi I’m from Brazil, I follow your blog and i loved to see you in Vogue, you are beautiful and very talented (sorry for my english) Congratulations!!! XO Aline

  13. love the photos and the interview!!!
    U look great as always…
    Warm kisses from Brazil,
    xoxo, Bruna.

  14. Hello!
    I am Brazilian and huge fan of your blog and Vogue, I just bought the magazine and when I saw your photo I found amazing! Congratulations! by:Mariana

  15. I just read the article in the magazine. Congratulations! Great pictures and great interview!
    Love your blog!
    Kisses from Brazil,

  16. Caroline, you look stunning! We would love to have you join FashionTraffic.com, a network of bloggers and fashion advertisers devoted solely to fashion!

  17. Hi, Carolina. You do look stunning in those photos! I love when you said that you started posting in you pajamas and now you have an office. Thats really inspiring! Keep up with the good work!
    Love from Brasil!

  18. Hi,

    Yesterday I bought my beloved Vogue magazine and loved your interview! Some things really happen when we not expect.Congrats for that.Your blog is simple but different in some way.

    Love, from Brazil!

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