Viva Brazil!


LOVE. Arrived yesterday and Brazil is all I hoped for and more! São Paulo is such a wondeful city and everyone has been so welcoming and kind! Today I’m doing a photoshoot for a brazilian brand with Kelly and a couple of brazilian bloggers that I’m super excited to meet. Just wanted to do a quick post to show you guys the insane view from my hotel, and of course my new dress from Tigresse that I got the other day (more about this brand later, it’s amazing!!). Time to leave, more pictures to come!

TIGRESSE Dress. CORELLO shoes & bag. BIMBA Y LOLA bracelet.

127 thoughts on “Viva Brazil!

  1. sabia que ia gostar das pessoas! :D
    que bom que está curtindo a viagem, aproveite!

  2. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful dress!


  3. So you’re gonna do a photoshoot for a Corello campaign?
    That’s great!
    Can’t wait to see the result!
    Love your style :)
    (from Sao Paulo)

  4. Oh how i miss dearly my home city <3
    Enjoy it for me, it's really a great place if you know how to have fun!!
    You look gorgeous as always!

  5. Oh how i miss my home city dearly!!
    Enjoy it for me, it’s really a wonderful place when you know how to have fun!!
    You look stunning!!

  6. I’ve staid at that hotel a couple of years ago, amazing view, amazing pool, amazing restaurant. I love São Paulo.

  7. In love with the outfit. Are you going to do a photoshoot for Corello? They already made it with other bloggers from Brazil and other countries but I didn’t enjoy it so much. There are so many bloggers in Brazil that are famous just because they are wearing Louboutins all the time. It’s not synonymous of style, is it?! I hope you meet Camila Coutinho from Garotas Estúpidas. She’s really amazing. There is another girl from Brazil that you should know. Her blog is really important here but I don’t know if she’s gonna do the photoshoot for Corello (Camila probably will!!) but you really need to know her! It’s Livia Facirolli from Glamour Paraguaio ( She’s AMAZING and her style is the best here in Brazil! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here in Brazil. I live here and I LOVE it! haha


  8. Bem Vinda Carol!!!

    Está arranhando um português já?! hsushsu

    Aproveite a viagem e se puder vá pra outros estados menos cinza, sabe?!
    Santa Catarina é linda linda! Mato Grosso do Sul tem muito verde, muitas aves belas e bichos estranhos! Porto Alegre agora tá muito frio, mas em outras temporadas vale conhecer!
    Não deixa de passar pelo Rio de Janeiro, nem de tomar uma água de coco, ta?!

    Mato Grosso do Sul/Brazil

  9. I´ve lived in Brazil for last 11 months, I love the country!! ENJOY, and I feel like I already can say: “Welcome”. Love your outfit!!

    Beijo, abraco

  10. Totally love your dress, it’s so gorgeous. The prints are amazing. You look so beautiful and stunning! You’re amazing.

    en la moda

  11. Love this look so much!

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