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PINK. This weekend I visited a huge flea market at Sodermalm in Stockholm and among all the hundreds of people I found my friend Filippa who where selling this gorgeous light pink playsuit which I just had to get. When I came home and tried it on I realized, however, that it’s a little bit too small for me :/ I’m probably going to put it up on ebay sometime this week, just had to do a quick photo session with it first because it’s so so pretty!

76 thoughts on “vintage playsuit

  1. It reminds me of those Miu Miu crystal dresses.
    The best thing about vintage clothing is that you can’t find another thing just like that. Better think through selling this playsuit. You wouldn’t want to get rid of such a treasure!

  2. It’s a shame that it feels too small since it certainly doesn’t look like it! It suits you perfectly!

    Carolina you should defently do a make-up tutorial once, everytime you post a new pictures I’m lusting after you’re perfectly done makeup, haha. :D

  3. It looks perfect on you besides the arm length! It’s absolutely darling. You look like you belong in a vintage pin up calendar. Let us know if/when you put it up?

  4. ooh! the colour on your lips is the most beautiful i’ve ever seen! :*

  5. Really? Too small? I happend to think it looks great on you!
    And plus.. It is really cute!

    Dimogonda blog

  6. You look fab! Are you a model, you should be!
    Do you take these pictures yourself with a self timer?
    Love xxx

  7. im obsessed with that necklace. amazing

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  8. a perfect shade of pink, so innocent yet rocker chic! a wonderful vintage find.. and the red lipstick is a great offset to the light pink!!


  9. Wow, what a pretty playsuit! It looks so great on you and in combination with the red lips.
    Greetings, Janine

  10. that is GORGEOUS! what is your ebay link? If you do decide to sell it, i would LOOOVE to snap it up!

  11. This is yet another reason why I bemoan the lack of an H&M in the middle half of the country. I want that hinge ringe like nobody’s business! I could CUT a bitch for that ring! (Okay, maybe not that severely…) ;)

  12. wow, great photos and honestly, I would buy it immediately so tell me if you are going to sell it on ebay!

  13. so beautiful! i too have a problem with buying cute adorable things that don’t fit perfectly too – just because they’re so perfect. ox

  14. this is amazing! is it on yet. I want to buy it! what size is it.. and can I buy it like right now???
    btw, awesome blog, im so glad to have found you :)

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