Via dell’Ambrosiana


MILAN. Last day in Milan before heading to New York for fashion week, possibly also the last day of summer for me, so bare legs felt obligatory. Not sure what it is but lately I’ve been finding myself really drawn to knee-lenght skirts, love the way they accentuate the curves of the body instead of hiding them. Paired with red lips, it really brings out the inner femme fatale in you! ;)

Hope everyone has a great fashion’s night out tonight, and if you happen to be in Milan don’t forget to stop by the event at the Pennyblack store and say hi, I’ll be there from 7pm!






ZARA skirt. H&M t-shirt. PENNYBLACK necklace. ZARA shoes & bag. MICHAEL KORS watch.

120 thoughts on “Via dell’Ambrosiana

  1. sooooooooo when is your shop coming online?
    we have been waiting for it like two weeks now! maybe at least you can expain why its so much delayed?

  2. Loving the outfit. I like that although it looks very smart, the tshirt is slightly see through. It adds a little twist :)

  3. Hey Carolina, you look amazing. Simple yet so stylish! Can you please tell me which Zara skirt that is!? I’ve actually been trying a few of their knee length skirts myself for a while but none looks as good as yours!

  4. I see you’re wearing the new Chanel peridot nailpolish. It looks brilliant!!!

    I’m also loving the more ladylike look you’re going for and that Zara skirt is right up my street. I might get one myself for the office

    Love the blog post and I look forward to reading your New York fashion week adventures!


  5. Sorry, carolina, but I really have to say this look is so boring.. except for the Chanel nailpolish, which add a fresh twist to this elderly woman you interpret sometimes, these Zara Shoes are beyond boredome and really overseen on you, the watch is on the wrist of every blogger out there… please, do creative! I miss the good old times when you were a real source of inspiration, and not another Chiara Ferragni lookalike.


  6. Very nice. But what’s up with the very first picture? like 3 parts of body were photoshopped together from different pictures – head, body, legs appear not to belong together

  7. Wow, this photograph & look is really stunning. love it.
    Visit me, I would be thrilled if you do :)
    Anh from

  8. Questo outfit è meraviglioso e tu hai una classe ed una raffinatezza innata! Splendida!

    This outfit is wonderful and you have an innate class and sophistication! Wonderful!

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