urban jungle

Photos by Mattias Swenson

MONDAY. Yes I know what you’re thinking, another pair of bright, patterned pants?! Well.. I just can’t help myself! It seems like my wardrobe has gone from mostly black/white and the occasional navy blue item, to a rainbow of color this past year and I love it! But when I stumble upon a great black leather jacket with chunky zippers like this one, it’s hard to say no!

MINUSEY leather jacket & necklace. CÉLINE sunglasses. WERA sweater. ZARA pants & clutch. ACNE heels.


207 thoughts on “urban jungle

  1. hi, i just love this pants and i desperately need them ! can i ask what say are you wearing?

  2. I really like your lipstick and sparkly necklace on knit!

    Obviously the jacket is pretty damn cool, too ;)

  3. Such a gorgeous look from a style siren like no other! Perfect colors, sophisticated and playful ensemble that you can only rock my dear! Excellent! :)

  4. Amazing outfit, big fan!! Adore the printed trousers and the bright blue jumper!


  5. this is so crazy, but i wrote up a post last night to blog tomorrow and titled it “urban jungle” too! great minds think alike? ;)

  6. That jacket is to die for! I also love the pants – need to attempt to wear some patterned pants at some stage. Think I’ll start small with black and white patterns. :)

  7. Hello,

    Printed Harem pants are what people have to stay away from!!!
    Cute clutch, but I’m more in love with your WERA sweater.

    Amber Sweet

  8. you rock in those acne heels and wera sweater! u’re getting me all craving to go get that sweater too!!

    i know what u mean on how ur closet went from black and white to colors, same for me! i think it’s cos the industry really saturated the world with prints and colors so the eye that doesnt normally like it will eventually learn to love it and how to wear it! kinda like an average/bad song, the more u listen to it, the more u think it’s prob not that bad lol xx


  9. I must say I am not crazy about this floral trend when it comes to pants. I don’t find them very flattering in most cases, but it looks good on you. Both this post and the Marni for H&M one looks very nice.

  10. Love how you styled it with the blue colour shades! And I like the leather jacket and Acne pumps a lot!
    I wore the same pants last week, differently styled on my blog, perhaps you’d like to check it out! (and maybe follow me back on bloglovin? I recently started so compared to your blog it is a work in progress ;-).)

    Xoxo lorena


  11. i’m so in love with the celine sunglasses. but i’ve got no idea where i can get them here in germany :(

  12. If you look as fab as this in those jeans you can buy them as much as you want ;-)
    Love the new necklace!

  13. And the clutch and sweater are great too! And the jacket! (and shoes)
    So let’s just say I’m a fan of the total package ;-)

  14. You made so obssessed with floral/printed pants after seeing all these beautiful outfits. Yes, you wore many of them but in a different way that I didn’t feel it :)

    Love your style, you know how to mix colors.

  15. Wow, I am so in love with your style, and i love your sunglasses! You really have the best style, and you inspire my style a lot!

  16. Love that animal print clutch!…
    Beautiful pictures!
    Big hugs!


  17. I can’t even describe how much i love this outfit!! So bold, bright and perfect!! The pop of blue, the patterned pants..and that A-MAZING minusey leather jacket!! Lovee it! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  18. well, i’m proud that you have a pair of this pants, because you are my idol, my inspiration, and 15 days ago I bought this pants!!! ahah You are perfect Carolina!

  19. I bought these jeans a couple weeks back! Didn’t think of wearing it with cobalt, I was going more with mint, this is a great outfit though :)

  20. I saw the same jacket on ebay for 100$ not 500 ;) It’s Japanese ‘shit’ and would never pay so much money for this but it’s trully beautiful!

  21. WOW. Those are some bold colors and patterns put together, but you pull it off perfectly!


  22. love it!! I can´t stop buying florla jeans/pant either, I have 11 in my closet!! I don´t konw what I´m going to do with them on fall :S

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