underwater dress

zara underwater dress, carolina engman zara dress, fish dress, proenza schouler ps1

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

LOVE. I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this dress on sale and in my size. So in love with the shape of it + the underwater print!

proenza schouler ps1 orchid, hérmes bracelet

zara underwater dress, carolina engman zara dress, fish dress, proenza schouler ps1, céline audrey large sunglasses

mango touch necklace, chainmail necklace, statement necklace

zara underwater dress, carolina engman zara dress, fish dress, proenza schouler ps1, céline audrey large sunglasses, zara metallic heels

ZARA underwater dress. CÉLINE audrey sunglasses. PROENZA SCHOULER bag (in suede here!). MANGO TOUCH chainmail necklace. ZARA heels (old, but similar ones here & here)

152 thoughts on “underwater dress

  1. I think this is one of the most beautiful dresses Zara hever had! So sad I didn’t found it in my size :-(

  2. This is a great dress!
    And it goes with the necklace perfectly~
    You’re so lucky to have found such a get item.
    Are you always this lucky? xD

  3. UNDERSTAND YOUR LOVE. I felt in love with that dress few months ago when I saw it in Zara Online Shop. Ohh you look perfect, Proenza my big dream

  4. love this look! that dress is perfecttt. looks great on you too! keep up the great posts :)
    maybe you’d want to check out my fashion&beauty blog? turquoiseinlove.blogspot.com

    thanks! xo

  5. It’s not only the print that I love in this dress, its the clever way its cut to fit with all its panels. You look like a lady in this outfit, gorgeous! X

  6. love the dress! the accessories are perfect…



  7. LOVE this dress on you ! You look phenomenal. The accessories, shoes and bag you paired it with are right on! Ugh Zara comes out with yet another hit and you rocked it

  8. I like your dress with the shoes and your jewelry – but for me the bag doesnt work. something more elegant would work better. Otherwise veeeery pretty!

  9. Couldn’t agree more! Such a lovely print and shape! Great choice on the bag too!


  10. I also found it on sale and in my size and I was so happy!
    But I still don’t find ideas on how to wear it by day… Love your way though!

  11. uhhh i imagine how much you were happy when you saw that this dress was on sale and in your size! I feel the same thing just a week ago when i found in zara’s shop the dress that i’m looking for from weeks!!!!! It was on sale and in my size! just perfect! It’s a beautiful sensation:)

  12. I loved this Zara dress but couldn’t find my size in the sale back in England!!
    So cute too :(


    Hannah xo

  13. just IMPRESSING !!
    Love you´re sense for wearing simple colores and pieces together so that they just look amazing and absolutely harmonizing at last!

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