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Pictures by Mattias Swenson

TUESDAY. Stockholm truly is a winter wonderland at the moment, and freezing too! When I woke up this morning the degrees had dropped down to a chilly -12c,  but luckily enough I’ve been spending most of my day inside, reading and catching up on work. On Sunday I’m heading to New York for a photo shoot and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is a little bit warmer over there, so excited to go back!

carolina engman, reading

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carolina engman, kenzo, home, sunburst mirror,

TOP Zara. SKIRT Kenzo. WATCH Michael Kors. LIPSTICK Max Factor ‘Ruby Tuesday’.

110 thoughts on “tuesday

  1. Love those days where you cozy up with a good book and a fabulous outfit. We posted a homemade Roasted Tomato Soup with Parmesan wafer – perfect for a day like you’re having!


    Ditty and Sugar

  2. lovely photo’s! so jealous that it’s snowing in stockholm!
    would be so happy if the rain here in holland would turn into rain…

  3. oh my god I would never survive in your country! it’s 15°c these days in morocco and I can’t feel my hands already! ahaha! anyways, gorgeous skirt!


  4. Gotta have that red lipstick~ it is so striking with your blonde hair!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. In NYC right now is I N C R E D I B L Y warm!!! but this coming week end is supposed to rain :(
    but we are experiencing an out-of-season spring! (Sunday is supposed to be 13c-6c, I’m just sayin’)

  6. Looking greeeat!

    Check out my blog where I already posted my second issue of my magazine!


  7. I cannot wait to see what project you have in store in NYC. I do think the weather will not be as chilly as Sweden, but one can never know! It was 20?C last week! What the heck. Global warming…scary. You look amazing with that red lipstick, and the lovely red hardcover book. Nice play with colors ;)

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