70 thoughts on “Treasure Hill

  1. I like it
    However you look completely different on the video than on the photos! :)

  2. WOW. STUNNING VID! So cool to see you in motion rather than still pics. Beautiful lighting and music. I want more! x


  3. A little girl from NZ would like to get the music credits if possible?

  4. I’ve never commented here before ’cause I never seem to have anything rational to say :) I don’t want to write only ‘oh maaaan, ur fabulous, love ur hair, love ur dress, love ur smile, love ur EVERYTHING!’. But man, I DO love ur everything! And that short film just blew my mind! What’s that song called again? I got goose pimples from it :)

    Love uu! Puss och kram från Finland :)

  5. Omg, so wonderful. You look more than beautiful and this is absolutely amazing. You’re so stunning…

  6. That video is so cute! I think these would be a nice substitute to an outfit post every once in a while, just to mix things up a bit!
    And like someone was said above, you do look completely different in the video than you do in your pictures! It’s nice to see you in a more “real” sense!

    Love’d it.

  7. ahhhh, i absolutely love this. The movement and colours are simply beautiful. The dry, almost dead looking grass contrasted with the lush exuberant green leaves and your sunflower yellow dress and luminous blonde hair- wow!
    thank you for sharing this with us!
    it’s like a breath of fresh air into our lives…..


  8. That was gorgeous; the colors, atmosphere, and music went perfectly with your outfit!

  9. yes yes yes! i love video posts! i think you guys did such a great job.
    p.s. is it jonsi on the background? music fits very well with the theme

  10. Hello! Cool video and a lovely blog!
    I have a question – Which country are you from?

  11. the video is adorable!
    but please tell us what music is that in the background it’s fantastic :) pleasepleaseplease

  12. Made my heart flutter! Great choice of music too! Love them!

  13. i am so happy you used this song!! its been my one of my favorites for sooo long and the video matched it perfectly! loved it

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