Pictures by Mattias Swenson

TUESDAY. At the moment I’m working on a little collaboration with Swedish shoe brand Din sko called “Styled by Carolina Engman” where I’ve styled some of my favorite pieces from their spring collection. You’ll see more in May but here’s a little sneak peek from tonights press event!

Icecubes with flowers in them, so pretty!

a little moodboard made by me

Angelica, me & Caroline who are also collaborating with Din Sko

ZARA blouse. TOPSHOP pants. H&M necklace ZARA clutch. DIN SKO shoes.

100 thoughts on “tonight

  1. Lovely Blouse! I’d love to see the real colors :) ! It seems to be an awesome collaboration ! Congratulation!



  2. I Love all the “moodboards” !

    New outfitpost on tripsandtreasures. net

  3. Congratulations, great pictures! And the icecubes are so sweet.

  4. Great photos! Love your blog.
    Can`t wait to see your shoes!! :)

  5. Great pictures… lovely ideas!!!


  6. AAAAH You’re so gorgeous! I can FINALLY comment on your post since I now have my own blogspot :D
    I love your fashion sense and I’ve always looked up to you on how you take your photos! they always look so seemingly effortless and yet they’re so pretty! I hope someday I get to take the same!

    i hope if you get the chance, you could check mine out too :)

  7. Caroline has lovely batik pants!
    And I also like the idea with the gloves!

    Have a nice day!

  8. I’ve the same Zara skirt. I saw it first time on Elin Kling and I falled in love with it
    Pretty on you too, sure^^

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