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HELLO TOKYO. OK GUYS, I have some pretty exciting news – On november 3rd I will be heading to Japan for Vogue Fashion’s Night out in Tokyo!! Honestly too excited for words! I’ve never been to Tokyo but it has been a life long dream to be able to go there and now it’s finally happening! I managed to squeeze in an extra day to be able to explore the city a little bit so now I really want to know your suggestions on what to see, eat, do and of course where to shop – suggestions on everything from clothing stores to toy stores would be greatly appriciated!


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  1. Tokyo is freaking fantastic. I don’t think you can go wrong with any place. Too bad I can’t give you much advice as it’s been a while since I was in Tokyo….

  2. Tokyo is amazing, you’re gonna love it!! Be sure to check out Shibuya and Harajuku, fashion capitals of Japan!

  3. I lived there for 3 years so I can help out. If you only have a day, will be tough to see too much. Maybe start your day at Shibuya, go to the Tsutaya (CD’s etc.) across the JR hachiko exit, head to the Starbucks and sit by one of the windows watching the crossing. It’s pretty amazing any time of the day. You can walk around Shibuya a bit if you want but don’t stray too far from JR stn. Then, head to Shinjuku (they have a lot of shops there, you might get a bit overwhelmed). I always go to Isetan depato (how they say department store) and Barney’s NY. Their Barney’s is actually more impressive than NY one lol. If you can squeeze in Ginza, do so, just to check out Mitsukoshi depato and Ito-ya (paperie store). There is also a Laduree inside Mitsukoshi. Also, squeeze in Mori tower observation deck in Roppongi Hills and Estnation store in the same complex (also Cafe Idee for lunch, Toraya cafe for some souvenir chestnut bread and white An spread and Obika mozzarella bar!). Finally, end at Omotesando (take Harajuku stn and walk to the right once you exit). To the left is the teenager dress up area so oversaturated in pics haha. To the right is where all the designer stuff is, gorgeous architecture. If you walk all the way down the avenue, across the massive intersection near Omotesando 1 and you keep going, there is a Dover Street Market nearby and tons of other boutiques, so the district keeps going well past the famous street. At night, go to Montauk for dinner (back up the street, closer towards the station, very near Kiddy Land). Nightlife wise, check out Ageha (mega club of 3k capacity) to see what’s on there or check out (best expat mag in Tokyo) for what is happening on the nights you are there. Don’t bother with touristy places like Red bar, etc., most of them are not good anymore ;)

    And, most importantly, rent a cell phone (just google it, there are a few companies that do it) :P You can’t survive without it almost. Japan has no address system like we know haha. Easy to get lost and even taxis need a map to where you are going ;) So if you do go somewhere specific, print a map or get your concierge to write directions. If you do get lost, go to the nearest police house. Yes, police in Japan are actually there to help you with maps. Japan is so safe that I think they lack things to do. So safe, you can actually leave your bag in a busy cafe, go to the restroom, and your bag will still be there when you get back. Or see children at the age of 6 traveling on trains solo after school.

    Last but not least, use for trains (another reason cell is so useful so you can check timetables on the go if you have internet).

    Hope this helps ;) It can be tough when you have a short time so you will have to compact everything to no more than an hour or two at each area. I really miss living there!! Oh and “eigo o dekimasuka?” (do you speak English) is your friend lol!

  4. And yes, I am making a guide for Tokyo on my site – I have a million more places to check out ;) But I have go back again soon to take more pics before guide is finished.

    I forgot to mention, also go to Meiji shrine while you’re at Harajuku.

  5. I studied abroad in Japan. Have a great trip! Shibuya is a young, trendy area, and Harajuku is cool but almost too crazy to actually shop. A lot of flagship stores (Tsumori Chisato, Yohji Yamamoto, etc.) are in Omotesando and Aoyama.

  6. Hello, Carolina.
    This is Min from CeCi magazine!
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    Please respond me back ASAP! Thanks!

  7. Oh Tokyo is the best!! Definitely go to Harajuku to check out some of the amazing street style they have going on, Shinjuku is great for bars/music/restaurants, and Shibuya is the best for shopping! : ) Have fun!!

    B xx

  8. Hi I’m Japanese and from TOkyo (Now in Hong Kong) and have been checking your blog for a while…this should be very reliable TIMEOUT TOKYO
    I think you will have a chance to meet another star blogger, Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast in Tokyo…I hope you have a good time with her…
    Fashionable area:
    Harajuku (bit young and too quirky for you…i assume.)>Omotesando (My fab)>Aoyama (My fab, too)
    Daikanyama (small shops are lined up.)

    Go see the imperial palace and Meiji Shrine, they are absolutely breathtaking..and have a break in the park, like Hibiya park (near the Imprial palace).

    It’s, I think. the best season to stay in Tokyo with full of beautiful autumn leaves around the city.
    Hope you have a great time out there! (Arr, sorry for the stupidly high Japanese Yen,,,not a good time to visit in terms of it…)

  9. I was in Tokyo a year ago and I felt in love with this city. Its culture and people are amazing. I’d definitely recommend you the following places:

    – Tsukiji market: You’ll have to wake up at 5 am, but it’s worth. You’ll see the fish market, fish coming from everywhere, enormous tunas and many fishes you’ve never seen. Everybody is well-organised and you will be amazed. Promised! After this, have a nice sushi and sashimi breakfast in one of the restaurants around it, the fish is so fresh and yummy!

    – Senso-ji temple: the most sacred of Tokyo. A must if you visit the city.

    – Ueno park: Nice place to relax and walk around. It’s huge, it even has a zoo in it! Just walk and see.

    – Shibuya: Amazing area with loads of boutiques, shops and halls. Take money to waste! Clothes are amazing!

    – Ginza: Boutiques like Tiffany, Armani, Chanel, A&F, etc… More shopping. And Sony Building, it’s quite interesting!

    – Roppongi district: Night out and clubbing. You’ll have fun!

    Hope you enjoy Japan, it’s breathtaking!


  10. Wowowowow, I have been quite thrilled and happy to see the readers’ positive comments about Tokyo and also, a few more detailed info than I could ever provide (I am from Tokyo.)…You all are amazing.
    I would be extremely happy if you could post very positive and appealing insights about Tokyo via this very popular blog as it will be able to help get the Japanese tourism back on its feet after the tragety this spring.
    No, I should not put a pressure on you that much.
    Please take care and make the most of the time out there…

  11. So unbelievably jelly. I live in Fukushima but visit Tokyo quite a lot. You must, must, must go to Japan’s fashion Mecca – Shibuya 109. Odaiba also has a huge shopping mall district, and Harajuku is kinda cool but usually packed. 109 is kind of a crazy fashion experience though.

  12. love the pictures, the brazilian vogue… dude, keep updating us!!! well done girl!

  13. Hi Carolina,
    Definitely go the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Cafe in Omotesando-they have delicious fruit smoothies and an amazing vegetable curry. There is an unmarked staircase in the cafe-walk straight down it into the amazing ‘Bedrock’ boutique. It’s like a post-apocalyptic fashion wasteland cross greenhouse menagerie-amazing.
    Make sure you head to ‘Kiddyland’-also in Omotesando Hills.
    If you’d like any other suggestions, just let me know.
    Have an amazing time

  14. You might enjoy SHIBUYA! I will go to Tokyo myself in a few days, and I will visit Shibuya for fashion inspiration :)

  15. I totttttaally love Tokyo, if you need anything camera (canon, nikon whathaveyou) then you should be visiting…wow I dno’t remember the name of the area. Wow i’m useless. but get it in JAPAAAnnnn for sooo much cheaper – i got my first camera for about 40% off after no-tax etc!

  16. Wooooww you are coming here soon! I’m so excited! You must love Tokyo :) Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando and Akihabara are the most famous n popular place to visit! I think there are lots of pretty, cool, unusual and inspirering things there. and you can also eat definitely delicious food in Japan. hope you like them :D I love your blog, I subscribe your blogs and always checking your style!!! love your fashion! Have fun XXX here is a small video that i found on Youtube!

  17. I recommend going to Shibuya and Harajuku.
    I always go there whenever I go to Tokyo.
    The stores there have different clothes from what you can get in other countries.
    The girls there are very inspiring too.
    If you feel like eating Japanese seafood I totally recommend going to Tsukiji.
    It’s a very famous market with lots of Japanese seafood restaurant.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Japan!X)

  18. i can’t wait the day because it would be certainly exciting because you and lots of fashionistas will be here for the day!!

    there’re so many places i wanna recommend you to go that you’ll be really busy (haha), but for shopping, Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku are best areas i guess. and vintage shops in Nakameguro. :)

    everyone here will be waiting for you. <3

    p.s. love the pic!

  19. You’re so lucky! I wish I could go back again! It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! Everyone there has such an amazing point of view.
    Jill xoxox

  20. Wow ! Tokyo !!!

    I’ve just backed from there. I love Tokyo so much and want to go back again. Lucky you :D

    I like many many places so I suggested Roppongi / Shibuya / Harajuku / Omotesando for shopping

    Don’t forget to try on some crapes with ice cream / original matcha greens tea / and many many Japanese food
    it’s very delicious even if it’s not a famous restaurant.

    Have fun !!!

  21. Hiii!

    I like many many places so I suggested Roppongi and a must Kyoto!!

    Have Fun!!!

  22. You will not be able to get around Tokyo in just a day! But it was a great decision for you to have taken an extra day off to look around the city. I’m in Toyko at the moment and there is just so much to see!
    You should definitely go to the main shopping/fashion districts:
    1)Shibuya 2)Harajuku/Omotesando 3)Ginza 4)Shinjuku 5)Aoyama 6)Ebisu
    You will most likely go to these areas as part of the event :)

    I suggest you go to traditional downtown areas as well…but only if you have the time, of course!
    – The mediocre advice from a Japanese fan :)

    Have a great time in Tokyo!

  23. I heard that Japan was giving away free flights to increase tourism! I would love to see it one day, but sadly my plate is currently full. Good luck, and hope you have fun!

    Shop Vintage ♥

  24. Åh jag var där för några veckor sen, så spännande stad! Åk till Shimokitazawa! Jättefint område med massor av secondhand affärer och små restauranger. Åker du till Harajuku, vilket jag antar att du ska, så gå över den stora gatan där “huvudshoppinggatan” slutar, för på andra sidan ligger alla bra affärer med mycket bättre priser och utbud än på de delen av gatan där alla andra går, samt massor av coola hus och restauranger! Och ät rullbandssushi, finns lite överallt!

  25. Hi! Now you can admire the tinted autumn foliage. Omotsesando is one of the most beautiful place with colored trees. Also you can see different people in different fashion. Please enjoy Tokyo^^

  26. Definitely hit Parco, Loft and 109 in Shibuya for clothing and gift shopping (all near the main Shibuya train stop.) Wander around the backstreets of Harajuku for amazing random little shops and vintage stores (I’d give specifics but I had no idea where I was most of the time!) I dream about going back to Japan on a daily basis. You’re going to have so much fun!!

  27. Hi I loved your blog, you are beautiful and super stylish, I also have a blog then you pass it to the look, as I am going to be a chubby this issue .. palta always kiss and success!

  28. you should totally go to ‘109’ in Shibuya-area,
    it’s a 9 floor store with screaming japanese girls and all the accessories and clothes you have wished for.
    You ask them what you’re looking for and I assure you – they have it.

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