tokyo by night (photo diary pt. 2)


Pictures by Mattias Swenson

TOKYO. If Tokyo is awesome during day, it’s even more amazing during night. Thousands of neon signs lights up the whole city and you almost feel like you’re in a movie. On this particular night we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Shue Uemura eyelash bar, some quick purikura pictures, dinner at an amazing hidden restaurant that we never would have found without the help of Christine & her brother and the mandatory 1am karaoke! All in all a magical night, but what else can you expect from a city like Tokyo?

















1) ZARA leather skirt, blouse & shoes. REBECCA MINKOFF bag. ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON sunnies. SHU UEMURA fake eyelashes.

2) NOWHERE blouse & vest. BIK BOK jeans. SCORETT boots. AMERICAN APPAREL bag. ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON sunglasses. SHU UEMURA fake eyelashes.


113 thoughts on “tokyo by night (photo diary pt. 2)

  1. were any of these pictures taken with a Canon G12? If so, do point out which ones. Love them xx

  2. 4of my favorite blogger n lookbooker hang out together :) so happy to see that !!

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    LITA’s Giveaway on MY BLOG!!!

  3. Im sooo much in love with our sunnies. It works with your every outfits you wore ;) and it seems you had lots of fun theree

  4. Beautiful photos…
    I always find it very interesting when foreigners are amazed by neons in Tokyo as they are absolute major parts of the scenery and our everyday lives in Tokyo so I never thought it something unique or special.
    It’s really great to see different cultures and people because it helps broaden your point of view, isn’t it?
    I do hope many of your loyal readrs become interestead in other parts of the world and have a bit of adventure which would make their lives so mucu richer.

    Thank you, Carolina, again and again.

  5. Aww how cute!
    I’m glad you liked there, sinceI am Japanese, from Tokyo and lives California as a visiting student right now…
    I miss Japan! lol

  6. gorgeous! i love that long tan sweater/coat thing you’re wearing… wow you guys must have had the best time of your lives over there!

  7. Love the photos! They make me want to go to Tokyo too!
    And the eyelashes look amazing! :)

  8. I love those photos :)… Tokyo by night seems amazing, exciting!! You’re so lucky. And WAOUH I like your sunnies, it gives you something special. ;)


  9. I was just in Tokyo a couple weeks ago.. It’s one of my favourite cities! You have great photos.. Love those lashes and the cat ears.. MEOW!

  10. those lashes are absolutely incredible. i’ve always wanted to work up the courage to get some…i think you’ve just convinced me!

  11. Your photos are amazing! Love your take on fashion.
    Wondering where you got your cute little iPhone bunny ear case.

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