Zara jacket & tee. H&M leather shorts. Giles Deacon for Nine West shoes. Zara clutch.

THURSDAY. Still sick, just wanted to do a super quick post before I crawl back to bed again. Any suggestions on magical recipes for curing this stupid flu are more than welcome!





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  1. Amazing outfit, but maybe it’s because you are sick but, why are you lookin at the camera like that >.< ._. you can try to find one of the pills i take 'Aerus' :) Hope you get better soon <3

    xoxo, Céline

  2. Carolina is that Zara shirt still available!? I love the shimmery detail. Great boots too!! Love everything really :p

  3. Ohh, I’m so sorry that you’re sick! Such bad timing! :S As for miracles, aside from the normal medication and drinking warm tea with honey, there’s not much I can recommend you… I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Nice post!
    For the flu,try hot apple juice (made by yourself) with honney.When I was a child my mum made it and the flu became on a normal temperature.

  5. Well, our Biology teacher recommend us this recipe: make elderberry tea and put in honey, a bit of rum (or another hard liquor) and 1 or half of Paralen tablet (or another tablet with Paracetamol, not sure what you have in pharmacies in Sweden). Then go to bed, wrap yourself up in blanket and sweat, sweat and sweat. :) Elderberry tea supports sweating, alcohol warms you up and tablet fights against fever, pain and flu itself. Alcohol also supports operation of the medicine and medicine supports alcohol. Don´t exceed this daily potion. :) Hope it helps you. Get over the flu soon!

    x, Opaline

  6. Get better soon! I hear garlic, cayenne pepper and chorella pills are great for boosting your immune system, as are the age old standbys of sleep and plenty of fluids. :)

  7. Oh boy, it sucks so much that you’re sick again. Especially during Fashion Week :(
    I don’t know but it’s probably the best to sty in bed drink tea and eat nothing except for soup and plain bread …
    Anyway, you look lovely although you’re sick. I’m trying to get my hands on those super awesome H&M leather shorts for a while. But sadly the stores over here are not as got as the original Swedish ones :(
    Hope you’re getting better :)

  8. About a tea spoon of fresh (!) ginger cut into small pieces and mixed with your preferable hot drink (juice, tea etc). Let it be for a while, drink and eat the ginger pieces too. Fresh ginger is an old chinese medicine for flu and it works for me!
    You manage to look beautiful and stylish even in flu!

  9. this clutch is real cute
    i love your shoes! do take care…
    the best medecine i guess is rest… and some good hot tea with honey and lime helps as well

  10. hope you get well soon!

    here’s what works great for me:

    1. ginger tea: dice some fresh ginger, put it in hot green tea, add lots of lemon and honey. drink as much as you can. reallly helps!

    2. take tons of vitamin C. i’ve taken 4 1000mg pills over 2 or 3 days (your body gets rid of the excess anyway, and its just for a couple of days, so dont worry – but make sure youre not allergic to it or something cause its a lot of pills) this really boosts my immune system and makes me stronger. this works best before the flu really starts (when you first get the feeling youre getting sick) but try it anyway –


  11. vidrigt men det hjälper så sjukt mycket:
    ett glas thé (helt kammomill eller ingefära) med mycket kanel, flera skedar honung och pressa i så många vitlöksklyftor du bara klarar av. allt är bakteriedödande och gör verkligen susen. pressa i dig så mycket du kan, plus kiwi/havtorn/granatäpple

    krya på dig!

  12. Lovely outfit. The bracelet, clutch and shoes are just so gorgeous!!


  13. The juice of one lemon in a glass of water. Sip as frequently as you can. (You’ll need about 6-12 because you want to keep drinking this till your stomach feels better) This WILL cure the flu every single time. Try to buy organic to avoid toxic pesticides.

  14. ahh these shorts! i’ve seen so much of them yet cant find them in the online shop. if only we had H&M in NZ. they look fantastic with your outfit.

  15. Wow – you look amazing in this outfit – wonderful shoes and great clutch – hope you feel much better today

  16. Eat raw garlic. You’ll stink, but it is a very strong natural remedie for cold.

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