Thursday, 22:35

TORSDAG. Hallå snyggingar, det var inte igår. Haft en trevlig vecka?
Själv har jag jobbat som en galning och nu sitter jag bara och längtar efter helgen.
Köpte den här härliga leopardmönstrade sjalen på Topshop här om veckan och den har hängt runt halsen sen dess, så sjukt mysig. Nu, sängen. Sleep tight!

Translation. Hello there hotties, long time no see. How has your week been?
I’ve been working like crazy and I can’t wait for the weekend to begin.
I bought this lovely leopard print scarf last week at Topshop and it has been hanging around my neck ever since, soo cozy. I’m off to bed now, sleep tight!

43 thoughts on “Thursday, 22:35

  1. I love the scarf. Your whole outfit looks gorgeous and I love your Style and your blog. I added you in my blogroll.
    Have a nice day.;)

  2. Hoppas projektet går bra, men jätte roligt då du väl har tid att uppdatera. Sjalen var super snygg! Trevlig helg, kram!

  3. That scarf is so chic, I will have to get myself one now!

    Your whole outfit is great, I would totally copy the look and complete with my gorgeous diamond earrings my fiance bought me from and show off the outfit downtown with my girlfriends.

    You are my new style inspiration!

  4. i love your blog carolina! and that scarf is so cute =)

    i would love to see a picture of your wardrobe, it must be amazing!

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