Leather jacket, Klavers van Engelen. Dress, Versace. Shoes by Versace and bag from Céline. Photos by Mattias Swenson.

FIRENZE. Just realised that I never posted the 4th look I styled for Luisa Via Roma during the Firenze4Ever event, well here it is! I fell head over heels in love with this draped leather jacket/coat thingy from Klavers Van Engelen, such a perfect piece for spring! Decided to pair it with a colorful dress from Versace, a pair of gorgeous black sandals (also Versace) and a black Céline bag.

136 thoughts on “thursday

  1. WOW… You look fierce girl!! Don’t get me wrong, I mean it in the good way, not the obsessed way, but I love love love your blog and your style is seriously amazing!!!!

    XO thefashionguitar

  2. Wow the jacket is to die for! If only… :)
    The guys in the background of picture 4 are just starring at you haha

  3. Love the expressions on the faces of the two men to your top right and the picture’s left: classic and priceless lol.
    Also loving the texture in your hair in these shots!

  4. very very nice outfit! but I really ask my self HOW CAN YOU WALK IN THESE HEELS????
    really that’s amazing! I think I would fall down every single second ;) and: how long can you walk wearing them???
    xoxo esiul

  5. I love the dress!
    I go on holiday to firenze!
    Isn’t that the square where the Chanel store is?

    Lovely blog!


  6. Wow, this was… AMAZING/GORGEOUS, I can’t really find the words to descrive how I feel about this outfit, but it’s really.. Powerful!

  7. Umm you must be absolutely freezing? I know they say fashion isn’t meant to be comfortable but surely you have chilblains after going out like that? Yeah i know i sound like a boring old grandma!

  8. Great dress! I love the print and the sandals are just amazing. Haha those men just staring at you with a ” oh she is so hot but we can’t have her” face :))

  9. I love the dress, It’s perfect… I went to Florence last month, I’s a very beautyful place,
    but I remember… It was freezing! Don’t you have cold with this
    short dress? :O

    Love your blog, xx

  10. Wow! Great shots, and I love the outfit! :) But once again, I can’t read your website properly. Everything is all smooshed together.

  11. you know why everyone is stairing at you? cuz it’s a spring outfit, and its WINTER NOW. how you dummies never get cold?

  12. WOW. There is no part of the outfit that I am not head over heels in love with. The shoes, the dress, the jacket, the bag… One of the best outfits I have ever seen.

  13. I want those shoes. They look gorgeous and I love the fringe on the skirt of the dress. Such a fun and sleek and sexy look.

  14. I find it amusing how to men are staring at you in 3rd picture. Gorgeous as always.

  15. I think that is a really interesting dress! It’s very unique! I love you drapy sweater thing!

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