think pink


photo, net-a-porter. collage by me.

PINK. Really lusting after a pink suit like the dreamy one above from Stella McCartney. Soo perfect (and sooo out of my budget..).
Need to find something similar asap!

58 thoughts on “think pink

  1. Stella McCartney exactly knows what kind of clothes a woman needs. It’s perfect, and pink ;)

  2. wauw so beautiful, it would look great on you! I think there is a cheaper one waiting for you somewhere..

    love, selina

  3. Zara has something very similar. Almost the same exact light pink and similar style. I bought the pants part of the Zara suit yesterday, and I love them. So soft and lightweight!

  4. wooooowww!

    It’s perfect…love the shoes….!

    What do you think about my new shoes?????

  5. you should check ebay, I now have a pink Stella McCartney blazer on my way for only a fraction of the original prize! These pics makes me want it even more!

  6. oh gurrrrl. I saw this on net a porter and immediately thought of you! it “suits” you. Hope all is well.

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