theyskens theory

theyskens theory bag via

Picture by Carolina Engman

LOVE. Ok, all of these sample sales are killing me! Stopped by the Theyskens + Theory sale the other day (you know, just to have a look) and came home with a whole bunch of stuff including this little beauty. I can’t remember ever owning a white bag (probably for a good reason since I can’t seem to keep any of my white clothes spot free for more than 10 minutes) but I have a feeling this will be one of my favorites for summer!

BAG Theyskens’ Theory. BOOKSthe Great Gatsby‘, ‘Beautiful Ruins‘, ‘Modern Glamour‘ & ‘Hue‘.

90 thoughts on “theyskens theory

  1. I love white bags! But it’s true that it’s not easy to keep them clean. Although trying to do that is still worth it! :)

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