these boots are made for walking..


Boots, Vintage.

BOOTS. I found these bad boys over at my favorite vintage store the other day and just couldn’t bare leaving them there. Still haven’t decided if I think they’re hideous or awesome, but come on, how often do you find a pair of vintage boots with cactuses and purple bulls on them?! Maybe I’m losing my mind..

79 thoughts on “these boots are made for walking..

  1. I can’t really make a statement either…. But they’re cute anyways! I can’t wait to see how you pull them off! :)

    xoxo Margaux

  2. LOL i’ve so been there!!! they’re too cool to pass up! sometimes you leave those kinds of stores with crazy pieces you’re unsure of and it ends up being TOTALLY worth it ;)

  3. they’re kanske jag ändå ska säga att de är fula. så du kanske plötsligt säljer de istället. men,ok de är grymma.

  4. OMG! Those boots are soooooo cute!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! All you need is a cowboy hat and you are set!!!!
    Big kiss,
    Lots of love, Beckerman sisters


  5. Kul att jag kollade på de så sent som igår och blev förbannad över att de inte var i min storlek! Så JÄÄÄÄKLA coola!!

  6. You’re not going crazy- these boots are fucking STELLAR! Being a fashionista REQUIRES you to wear shit you still aren’t sure about, and even things you are CERTAIN are grotesque…

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