Therese Sennerholt

therese sennerholt homePhotos by Kristofer Johnsson. Styling by Lotta Agaton.

SPACE. As you already know, I’m a sucker for minimalistic, bright spaces and Therese Sennerholt’s beautiful home is definitely right up my alley. The apartment is styled by Lotta Agaton (who’s home you might remember from this post) and I love the way she incorporated wood & lush plants to bring some warmth to the black & white theme!

herese sennerholt dining room

therese sennerholt work space

therese sennerholt home via fashionsquad

therese sennerholt kitchen

therese sennerholt

therese sennerholt bedroom

therese sennerholt details

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40 thoughts on “Therese Sennerholt

  1. Hej Caroline!

    Tycker mycket om din blogg och the fact that you live in New York!!! Var där förra sommaren och gjorde mitt examensarbete på ett universitetssjukhus och tyckte New York var underbart! Hoppas ni får en fin lördag!

    Med Vänlig Hälsning

  2. i really love the layout. i feel like there’s so much space to breathe. it really is something beautiful and breathtaking.


  3. I really like your style. I’ve just moved into a studio apartment and I’m looking for inspiration. I’ll definately share the finished result with you :)

  4. love the plants in this appartment! and adore that minimalistic feel, i know what you mean when you say it’s right up your alley :)

  5. Dagens snyggaste inlägg helt klart:) gillar din blogg den gör mig glad.

    Om du gillar inrednings inspiration kan du kolla in min blogg:)

    Ha en skön vecka

    ps jag följer dig nu på bloglovin och hoppas du följer tillbaka:)

    LOVE Maria at – en blogg om inredning

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