the woods




FALL. It’s funny how a little bit of red lipstick can transform your look + mood, it definitely is one of the best and least expensive beauty investments a girl can make! Can’t wear heels at the moment due to some mean back pain I’ve been suffering from for a while so I decided to go with 40’s inspired hair + makeup to make the look a little bit more interesting, love the way it turned out! Lately I’ve been a lot of comments/emails about what makeup I use so I’ll try to make a post about it later this week. And if anyone was wondering, the lipstick I’m wearing is “Lady Danger” from MAC!

SHADES OF GREY jacket (stolen from my boyfriend), CRUMPET leopard print cashmere sweate.
KURT GEIGER humbug clutch, MICHAEL KORS watch.


138 thoughts on “the woods

  1. Please can you do a tutorial of how you did this make up and what exactly you used? You look amazing!

  2. You are SO beautiful in those pictures , something amazing . The outfit is perfect , very chic . You’re like an autumn muse!

  3. Very nice pictures. I love the one with the leaf. Def. waiting on the make-up post later this week.

  4. This look really good and I’m definitely intrigued by the colour. I want one for myself too now! You are so prepared for autumn!

  5. I love that look on you, it’s absolutely beautiful! Those red lips look very glamorous, and they definitely make the look more interesting. Great idea! :) xoxo

  6. love these photos!You perfectly capture the colours and spirit of autumn, and thanks for the lipstick info, it’s a brilliant shade of red. x

  7. You’re absolutely right, I think fashion blogs should be realistic … the girl often spend much money on getting on heels … and a wonderful ballet shoes and a good look. I have no words to describe the freshness and beauty intrinsic transmit, congratulations on your blog, I’ll follow from now on.

    XOXO from Munich.

    La Vie Quotidienne.

  8. Seriously, I want to have your amazing, flawless skin. I am glad the glomourous red ripstick makeup has come back overtaking the glossy gloss one!

  9. Oh my GOSH ! You are ver beautiful in your photos ! :) I love your blog, it’s so amazing, I follow you imediately, follow back ?

  10. I absolutely love the Grease look, it’s insane you look like Sandy with your golden locks and porcelain skin. Great two-tone bomber jacket and I like the touch of leopard.
    Where did you shoot the pictures ?

  11. Love your hair, skin, lips (not eye and eyebrow makeup – a bit too heavyhanded for your delicate features). Love the clothes. You have such an amazing sense of style!

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