the weekender


Bag, Pendleton. Hat, Old one from H&M. Boots, ParkWest. Shoe harnesses, the2bandits.

LOVE. I’ve been eying this Pendleton bag for a while now and when it suddenly disappeared from Opening Ceremony’s website I freaked out. I searched the world wide web without any results until I found out that a store in the lower eastside had one left(!). I ran 8 blocks and made it to the store 5 minutes before closing time, and voila, here it is!

77 thoughts on “the weekender

  1. Nice bag!!! + Now you have some more room to bring all your stuff back in ;)

  2. SO worth it!! I really need it for this weekend, can i borrow it? lol

  3. Interesting I saw a shawl the other day with a print like that and I was thinking hmmmm this could be an interesting trend. I love the bag and I’m really into mixing up the prints lately as a styling technique I’m not sure if I could pull it off myself I’m very plain with my style.

  4. i love it!! the colors are amazing! good job hunting for it!

  5. Det är väl ändå den underbaraste känslan när man väl får tag i något man känner så starkt för. Gjorde likadant med en clutch för ett tag sedan, fick mannen att ha öppet i en kvart trots att han inte brukade ha öppet butiken alls just den dagen.

  6. 8 blocks? I hope you were wearing flats and not heels… that bag is really beautiful though. I really like Navajo inspired prints, especially on bags. Very eclectic mix of pieces you’ve got going on, I really love them together!


  7. i have that bag too. i bought it off urban outfitters’ website. i just took it out for it’s first trip to nyc last week. don’t you just love it? pendleton is the best.

  8. gorgeous- i love huge weekend bags and def worth running all that way for! I brought an orangey leather buckled huge weekender bag from Corfu and am sure it is something i will have for life!would love you to visit me.xx Katie.

    fashion clocked

  9. i’m looking for those boots for a very long time!! please do you know, or does someone knows where i could find them ?? THX! Your blog rocks!

  10. I love a piece that comes only after you have panicked, broken a heel or a nail or both, and arrived breathless to snatch it from someones hands. Get it girl!

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