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carolina engman homePicture by Mattias Swenson

DENIM. Hope all of you had a great weekend! Mine has been all about relaxing as I feel like I might be coming down with a cold and with New York fashion week around the corner there’s no time for being sick. Although I love dressing up, I usually try to keep it pretty simple during the weekend and this little denim on denim getup is perfect for lounging at home or going out for brunch with friends!

P.S. Yes, I finally found a Moroccan wedding blanket for my bed! This picture doesn’t really do it justice but will try to snap a better picture of it soon!

SHIRT + JEANS Zara (similar ones here, here & here). MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKET Vintage.

137 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. My weekend was quiet similar and it felt great, because lazy Weekends are so rare at the moment -.- The blanket is really nice. I’m looking forward to see more of your new home :-)

  2. Denim on denim is one of my favourite trends right now. Your outfit plays up that trend, but isn’t over the top. I love it!

    – Juliana

  3. I love that blanket! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and that you stop that cold in its tracks!


  4. This is so cute! I love lounging on the weekends:) Hope you feel better, I love your style:)

    Personal Style:

  5. My weekend was all about meeting friends :) I really do love the full denim look – you look stunning ^^

  6. I love your little updates like this. Its a nice insight to your life on just a relaxing weekend afternoon. Denim on Denim is one of my favorite trends but also one im not too good at! These tones look lovely together.

    plus, your blanket is to die for. I found one at Anthropologie that I must covet soon.

  7. What a great picture! I really need a blanket like this, too. My bed looks always so messy, I really need to let it look more “glamourous” (can you call a bed glamourous?) at the daytime. xx

  8. If that is how you look when you roll out of bed, then I am just done with life :) But I have been a huge fan of yours for months, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, especially your talented photography skills.

    <3 Naa

  9. Who ever said denim on denim is a no-go? not me, this is amazing.


  10. What a beautiful picture! love the colours, the light, the room.. and you look beautiful!!

    Today at we are launching new collection, made in London and inspired by the comics of Roy Lichtenstein…
    Check it out here >> You will love it!!

    From London xx

  11. You look beautiful and comfy in this attire. Indeed, Denims are the great choice, either for hangouts with friends or just to relax in the home during weekend. And yes, I do noticed your blanket; its looks soft like feathers.

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