the weekend

Russh magazine, macarons from Ladurée & Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses

WEEKEND. After working my butt off for the past couple of weeks I finally gave myself some time off. This weekend I’ve been catching up on some of my favorite magazines, visited the new Ladurée store in Stockholm, filled my apartment with fresh flowers and spent lot’s of time with my boyfriend who just got home after one week in New York, all in all a pretty perfect weekend! What have you guys been up to?? :)

P.S. Been getting really addicted to instagram these past couple of weeks so follow me there (carolinaengman) for lot’s of more pictures!

96 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. Are you working out because you have a new project/event coming up, or is it just to be healthy? Anyhow, it is good that you have gotten a chance to catch up on the things you love. Working too much is never fun. Take care@

    THATS GRYT, Aves Gry

  2. Attempted to study this weekend.. so it wasn’t that great! haha anyway it sounds like yours was good! I’m needing to catch up on some good magazines too x

  3. I absolutely love those flowers, they’re my favourite. The photos on your blog are always so pretty!

  4. Love that you’re on instagram! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, over here in the Netherlands the weather is finally getting better so my weekend was great!


  5. Nice photo. I’ve had some quality time with my boyfriend to! And as Louise said the weather is finally getting better in the Netherlands so it was a great weekend!!



    Style Route

  6. Cute photo, hope u had a nice weekend! i had my 21st birthday weekend, lot’s of fun (and finally some sun and warmth! Love your instagram photos, i’m addicted too, but well who isn’t! ;)


  7. Oh sounds lovely and well deserved. I have been taking some photos of a new shop which also are featured in VOUGE and the shortlisted jewellery designer of the year Alice Menter.
    Have a peek here at at the amamzing pieces.

    Great blog you have and all the best to you.


  8. Love the weekend post idea and it is a gorgegous pic! Thanx.

    At my blog Upcoming: Yoga tips how to find the right teacher; San Diego: How to live like a Local;

  9. Reading magazines, books, watching movies are good. I hope you have these hobbies. You are so lovely.

  10. pleas4e check out my blog, I am 16yrs old, an aspiring fashion stylist and journalist. Attending Spellman in the fall of 2014.

  11. pleas4e check out my blog, I am 16yrs old, an aspiring fashion stylist and journalist. Attending Spellman in the fall of 2014.

  12. Hej,
    Amazing photos!
    How much for Ladurée macarons a piece/ box?


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