the skateboard

Céline inspired skateboard - via

Picture, Carolina Engman

THURSDAY. I was so bummed when I missed out on the Céline inspired, limited edition skateboards that Jayne from Stop it right now created back in 2011 and have been on the hunt for one since. Luckily enough, a few of the decks popped up on her shop again just before Christmas, and it took me about 2 seconds to whip out my credit card and order one. It truly is a work of art and I love the pop of color it brings to my mostly black/white home!

71 thoughts on “the skateboard

  1. Beautiful interior. Can I ask you how much you paid for the skateboard deck? Thanks!

  2. Your flat looks stunning and that board really adds the perfect splash of colour to it!

    Greetings from London,

  3. really love the photography, the room looks amazing!!

  4. Hello Caroline! I like your photo because they’re are simply but rafined. By Alice

  5. Your home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I love the skateboard’s colors and patterns as well, what a unique way to add a little fun:)

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