the scuba top


NEOPRENE. Got back home from London on Monday night and have been in a jet lag coma since. Finally starting to get back to normal life again, and have soo many pictures from both NY and London to post. Starting with the outfit I wore to the Topshop Unique show last Sunday. Fell in love with this neoprene-esque top the second I spotted it at Zara. The texture, the cut, the color.. A+! Went for a really minimalistic look without much fuzz this time, but might try playing around with some layering next time, have so many fun ideas on ways to wear it!

P.S. To everyone that has been asking about my blog shop, it will be up soon! Sorry about the delay but it’s difficult to answer emails + send items to people while traveling, hope you guys understand!



ZARA top. WHYRED pants. AMERICAN APPAREL clutch. ZARA shoes. ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON sunglasses. KURT GEIGER bracelets.

101 thoughts on “the scuba top

  1. Scuba is such an interesting fabric to work with, I love how wearable it actually is in real-life settings. You look great!

  2. awesome look! I was looking at some scuba tops at COS, but they are just not my shape! Looks gorgeous on you:)

    xoxo Despite color

  3. loooove that colour. I saw that top in Zara last week – it hung so stiffly on the hanger so I’m glad to see it look SO much better that I’d imagined! actually stunning!


  4. This is too beautiful! The blue of your top is so striking and I really adore those sunglasses. Not even mentioning your shoes, which I have been lusting after ever since the first time I saw them!


  5. Hi,
    Thanks for telling us about the delay of the shop. I love your neoprene top, there is also one in H&M in white color, is amazing.
    I love the electric blue color with the black and yellow, in zara i tried the blue dress but it feel horrible, so so long and big.
    Caprichos de ana

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