The Perfect Blue Velvet Couch

Carolina Engman Home
Blue Velvet Couch
Beni Ourain rug and velvet couch
Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray
Blue Velvet Sofa

Slowly but surely, our apartment is going from work in progress to an actual home, and I’m loving every second of it. After weeks of waiting, our gorgeous velvet couch finally arrived and let me tell you, its even more beautiful in person!  Now we just need to find some art for that bare wall…

COUCH ‘Julia’ via Posh Living. FLOOR LAMP Flos. BRASS TABLES Vintage. RUG Beni Ourain from Morocco. CHAIRS Vintage Bertoia Diamond Chairs. SHEEP SKINS The Line. CUSHIONS Linum. CEILING LAMP Tom Dixon. WALLS Painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Pavilion Gray’.  Photos by Carolina Engman.

55 thoughts on “The Perfect Blue Velvet Couch

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  2. That couch is perfection! love it! xoxo

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  3. Simply Devine … A perfect conversational piece and statement in the room. Such colour so deep and rich and inviting! The parfait blue velvet couch! Great taste & wonderful choice! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

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  5. The color of that sofa is Just perfect. Absolutly love it.
    I have bin looking for a fabric/color like this…. Do you remember the name of the fabric at furninova. ?
    love from Iceland ❤️

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  7. Wondering the exact thing as the above poster. What is the namn of the fabric? Is it SITS’ own classic velvet?
    I’m dying to buy that couch but can’t decide on color, or rather what kind of blue velcet to choose.

  8. Donna Kristjana: The sofa is from SITS and the name of the fabric is Classic Velvet 11/ :)

  9. Marvellous! Just one very little suggestion, the plates on the wall is trendy! @delunaceramics C’est chic!

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  12. Love your decoration posts! And that couch is just stunning, looking for one in velvet myself.. x

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  15. is there a place in the u.s. where one might be able to buy the couch? it’s just so beautiful.

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  17. I just got a blue velvet coutch inspired by you. I als painted the wall behind it grey however it is definetely NOT the right color !! Can you tell me the RAL og NCS code of the grey colour you have painted on the wall behind the sofa in these pictures – It would be highly appreciated !!

    Br Zindy

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  21. I love this couch so much! I tried to contact the company directly about purchasing it but it seems that it is only available in Sweden. Do you have any suggestions for me (I live in Boston)?

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