the perfect black pump

Jimmy Choo Abel pumps via

Picture by Mattias Swenson

NEW IN. Last month I did a huge closet clean out and pretty much got rid of everything I haven’t worn in the past year or two (with the exception of a few pieces with sentimental value that I just couldn’t bring myself to give up). Since that day, my focus has been on adding some missing must-haves, like for instance, a pair of classic black patent pumps. Queue the Jimmy Choo ‘Abel‘ pump. These babies took me from shows, to meetings, to parties during London fashion week without giving me a single blister and are pretty much the shoe equivalent of a little black dress! Next on my list? The perfect pair of black everyday boots..

PUMPS Jimmy Choo ‘Abel‘.

79 thoughts on “the perfect black pump

  1. Those pumps are gorgeous! I have so many shoes that I don’t wear because they aren’t comfortable and I’m glad that you find that these are not only beautiful but comfortable. I’ll be adding these to my next save list!


  2. OMG those pumps are to die for!!! they are so chic and have definitely just sped up to the top of my wish list!

  3. I think that it is important to have essentials items in your closet. Such as a black and nude shoe, black and brown boot. These are pieces that you can wear constantly. Great post

  4. wow, these are real knockers or killers, name them as you like darling, gosh they are totally a piece of footwear art for me, and you obviously possess a true ‘art’ of walking them too. They are so classy! <3 Zhanna,

  5. Omg! I can not tell how much I love black stilettos, and the ones that you show us are perfect. What I would give to have some like those, they’re beyond beautiful! I fell in love, seriously. -Cris

  6. that’s a brave move and something i should definitely do, but every time i want to give away my things i start thinking about all the things i have done wearing them. ( i must say that throwing the clothes i was wearing when i was dumped was super easy though.)
    but now i realized that is not about throwing away the things is just making place for the new ones and i would throw away half of my closet just to make place for those beauties! x

  7. They’re gorgeous! To me the perfect everyday boot is the 50/50 in suede by Stuart Weitzman. I think you are the most elegant blogger!!

  8. They are very beautiful! they look a lot like my Pigalle pumps. I did exactly the same thing with my shoe wardrobe last month. Now, I am focusing in more classic styles and of course more versatile, like perhaps my new nude pumps by CL. Check them out in my newest post.

    “Pencil Skirt and Round Toe pumps” Blog post on:

  9. I’m in love with those pumps. I’m looking for the perfect black pumps for ages now. Unfortunately the Jimmy Choo’s are a little bit out of my budget, but I hope to find similar ones with a little bit of a lower price ;) xx

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