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WORK. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I know I’ve been a lousy blogger but this week has been c-r-a-z-y busy. Lot’s of fun things coming up for 2012 but that also means lot’s of work, but I don’t mind! :) Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week when Stockholm Fashion Week starts! Super excited to see what all the swedish designers has in store for us, especially the upcoming designer duo Altewai.Saome who did an amazing job last year. Expect lot’s of pictures!

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of my office where the magic happens, will try to take a better picture some day when it’s less messy, hehe :)


79 thoughts on “the office

  1. Candy, your office is so amazing as you are.
    I admire you too much, and like to see your blog and photos.
    Brazilians like you too (I am one kk)


  2. Really miss it when you don’t post, I am drawn to your blog :)
    When I saw the black ankle boots you bought from Din Sko, I was really stunned! I had been looking for boots like these for ages, but no luck. And then I saw that Din Sko doesn’t ship out of country -.- I cried into my pillow at night (ok… not really).
    A few days ago I thought – I have a friend in Göteborg! Why not ask her? I didn’t have my hopes high to still get my hands on these boots (bought some similar ones here recently, but – shorter heels…), but she tracked some down in my size in a town about 150 km away from her place, called them and they promised to put them away til she can pick them up on Saturday.
    Happy me!!!
    So thanks for helping me finding my dream boots ;) I will post about them once they are here and also link to you.
    Just hoping nothing happens to them until my friend has them safely in her hands!


  3. professionally fashionable ;) ;)
    i can tell hehe^^ seems like you’re a big fan of Balenciaga and beauty editorials Carolina!!
    I’m looking to a photo journal of you at WORK (:D) on the comp. or on press papers, magazines, etc.
    would love to see that! (and of course, the whole office backdrop ^^ )

    Style Hostess

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