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h&m new icons, leather jacket, hat, new yorkPictures by Mattias Swenson

BLACK/WHITE. Shot these pictures the other day for a fun collaboration with H&M where I got to style some of my favorite pieces from the New Icons collection. As you might have noticed, I have a soft spot for leather jackets & wide brimmed hats, so choosing my favorites really was a no-brainer.

I went for a simple, 70’s inspired look and paired the Icon pieces with a striped shirt + these insane wide legged pants (not part of the collection but too fun to pass on) and tried my best to channel my inner Lauren Hutton while strutting the streets of New York. Love how the pictures turned out and can’t wait for the collection to hit stores this week so I can snag a hat of my own!

carolina engman - h&m new icons hatcarolina engman - h&m new icons leather jacket + hatcarolina engman - H&M leather jacketcarolina engman - new york

HAT + LEATHER JACKET H&M, the new icons collection. PANTS, SHIRT + SHOES H&M.

111 thoughts on “the new icons

  1. I love the pants, they’re very cool but can also be worn during the night in a very elegant ensemble!

  2. wow I just love these pictures and that outfit! Specially the third picture is stunning..! You have a great blog! xx

  3. Love that leather jacket!

    Today I’m showing a LADY outfit with a rock touch thanks to a leather biker jacket and metal cap toe heels.

    Kisses from
    Worldwide Giveaway – Win the piece of cloth that you like from LASHES OF LONDON ❢❢❢

  4. wow your look is amazing you are so pretty! love your style!

  5. You look amazing! I like the whole collection and you really look like a new Icon ;-) Of which collection are these pants? H&M Trend?

  6. You definetely picked the raisins out of the cake, those were the best pieces. I did not find this collection very fashion forward, it has all been done before. It also seems judging by the prices and the quality that they are targeting their young clients, the teenagers who look up to such icons

  7. Exaggerated wide leg pants look so great with strappy sandals! And, the hat framing your stunning hair is s super chic fresh look!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  8. Love 70’s look. Wide-leg pants and tops inside them! Perfect!


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